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USDA's 2012 Sustainability Scorecard

Posted by Robin Heard, USDA Senior Sustainability Officer in Energy Conservation
May 31, 2013

USDA’s 2012 Sustainability Scorecard showcases the Department’s ongoing commitment to meeting goals that reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions, decrease energy use per square foot, increase renewable energy use, decrease potable water use per square foot, and incorporate sustainable building practices in new and existing buildings.

In 2012, USDA made significant progress in reducing indirect GHG emissions, largely associated with employee travel and commuting, resulting in an 18 percent reduction in indirect GHG emissions. In 2012, USDA consumed nearly 39,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy, which translates to enough green energy to meet more than seven percent of the Department’s electricity use.

As a result of USDA’s renewable energy use performance, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in 2012 that USDA has improved its ranking to number seven on EPA’s list of the largest Federal agency users of green power!

Also in 2012, Department facilities energy use intensity decreased by more than 21 percent compared to the 2003 base year; and our fleet petroleum fuel use decreased by more than five percent compared to the previous year.

And these are just some of the many ways the Department has continued to lead by example. Using the scorecard as a benchmark, USDA will continue to identify and track opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve efficiency and cut costs.

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