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Schools Around the Country Successfully Implementing New Meal Standards

Posted by Dr. Janey Thornton, Deputy Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services in Food and Nutrition Initiatives
Aug 27, 2013

Today a news report claimed that schools across the country are dropping out of the National School Lunch Program because the standards are too difficult to implement.

The truth is that the vast majority of schools across the country are meeting the updated meal standards successfully, which is so important to help all our Nations children lead healthier lives. Even before the new standards took effect and more resources were available, many schools across the country were leading the way with healthier options and appropriate portion sizes. In fact, schools that adopted the changes earlier report that participation increased as students and parents became accustomed to the healthier options. USDA continues to provide additional flexibility and technical assistance to schools as they all now work to offer healthier meals. We also encourage the very few eligible school districts that have chosen not to participate in the program to take steps to ensure all children will still have access to healthy, affordable meals during the school day.

Here are some of the many examples of schools that have been successful in implementing these changes.

Here are a few success stories from states, which we have been collecting as part of a series on the Let’s Move! Blog (this list will be updated as the series continues):