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2015 Agricultural Outlook Forum - Panel Discussion on Innovation, Biotechnology and Big Data

Posted by Ed Avalos, Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs in Technology
Jan 21, 2015

Innovation, biotechnology and big data are changing the way we produce, distribute and even consume food. From using innovative approaches to improve food safety to sharing market data to assist producers in reaching larger markets, big data and new technologies continue to change the face of agriculture.  USDA strives to meet these evolving challenges and will be discussing these issues through the lens of agriculture at the 2015 Agricultural Outlook Forum on Feb. 19-20 in Arlington, Virginia.

Big data isn’t just massive amounts of numbers and codes for scientists, researchers and marketers.  That information, when interpreted and applied, can help people understand – and change – the world around them.  We are discussing how data helps producers of agricultural commodities in adapting their strategies to meet changing consumer demands, marketing practices and technologies.

At the Forum, Secretary Tom Vilsack will moderate a panel “Discussion on Innovation, Biotechnology, and Big Data” within agriculture.  Joining him will be an esteemed group of panelists bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise including:  Cory J. Reed, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions Group, John Deere and Company; Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto; Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Director, Congressional Relations, American Farm Bureau Federation; and Dr. Robert Sutor, Vice President, Mobile, Solutions, and Mathematical Sciences, IBM Corporation.

After the plenary panel wraps up, several breakout sessions will explore how big data and analytics are creating new opportunities for farmers and ranchers to improve the efficiency and resilience of their operations.  We will also look at the challenge of collecting, processing, and packaging data in a way that transforms data into practical tools for use by farmers and ranchers.

Topics will showcase innovative examples of how new tools using big data will help producers. This spans from using remote sensing and risk-management tools, the use of localized and global weather resources, how Market News and other reports enhance decision making, and how producers can adapt production and marketing strategies to meet changing consumer demands, marketing practices and technologies.

Please visit Forum Web site for session descriptions and to register:

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