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Just In: Check Out MyPlate Video Search Results

Posted by Megan Smith and Chandler Ray, CNPP Dietetic Interns from the University of Maryland in Food and Nutrition
Feb 21, 2017

It is an exciting time for kids to get creative with nutrition! Last week, the top kid chefs from the 2015 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge were announced, and students across the country are Cooking up Change and getting connected to school food. The CheckOut MyPlate Video Search provided another opportunity for kids to showcase their creative thoughts and ideas about food and health.  

The video search was created and implemented by a group of MyPlate National Strategic Partners to help educate and empower children to take healthy eating and physical activity into their own hands and bring it to life via video. Parents and teachers of kids ages 2-18 in three age groups: (2-10, 11-13, and 14-18) were challenged to create a 60 second video demonstrating a MyPlate inspired healthy eating message and a physical activity tip. Videos were accepted March 9 through April 30, 2015. The video search resulted in over 100 submissions featuring kids across America. From the videos submitted it was clear that food and physical activity can be a fun topic for kids.

The sponsoring organizations, Gerber Products Company, Fresh Baby, Canned Food Alliance, and USA Rice, and promotional sponsors, Chop Chop Magazine and School Nutrition Association, say it was an easy decision to collaborate and select MyPlate as the focus of the video search:

 “We all want to feel our best each day, and making healthy choices makes you feel better. Using MyPlate makes it easy to understand and include all the food groups into one’s daily diet. Making sure we teach kids to eat a rainbow of colors, get lots of activity each day, and drink water to quench thirst is a fantastic way to live a happy healthy life! It works for everyone!”  Fresh Baby 

It created an opportunity for partners to come together to help educate and empower children about healthy eating. MyPlate is a practical, relatable way for parents and their kids to understand what a healthy plate looks like and how food groups can easily be incorporated into meals.”  Gerber Products Company

On June 12th the winning entries were announced on We are excited to share the first place winning videos and a glimpse of what’s inside.

Ages 2-10:  Featuring Hamilton B., submitted by Rebecca B., “Hamilton’s MyPlate Video”

Creating healthy recipes in the kitchen is fun. It's easy to add all the food groups to a meal. Eat healthy and add lots of water to your day and you will have energy to play!  It's fun to create your own healthy recipes and add all the food groups to your meal.  Eating like this and drinking lots of water will give you energy to play your favorite activity!

Ages 11-13:  Featuring The Banana Boyz, “Check Out MyPlate by The Banana Boyz” 

Follow the MyPlate guidelines and turn healthy eating into a fun daily routine - not a chore!  Turn healthy foods into fun, appealing, and nutritious treats!

Ages 14-18:  Featuring Amherst Steele High School, Medical Health Tech Class of 2015, submitted by Kim H. “Lunch Line Flow!”


Eating healthy is easy at school. Getting physically fit with your friends is fun. Eat healthy at school!

Second place winning entries:  (ages 2-10) Featuring Kendall & Isabelle, “MyPlate Rap!”, submitted by Marci H.;  (ages 11-13) Featuring Mr. G’s Class, Marshall Middle School, San Diego, CA. “My Food Plate”, submitted by Ryan G.; (ages 14-18) Featuring Dakota H., David W., Jonathan P. & Josh F., submitted by Shannon S. “MyPlate Video Health News”.

Third place winning entries: (ages 2-10) Featuring Ava L., submitted by Margaret L. “Confessions of a Reformed Picky Eater”; (ages 11-13) Featuring Trinity W., Texas, submitted by Kera W. “Take-A-Long Taco”; (ages 14-18) Featuring Mehmaz T., submitted by MZ T. “Check Out MZ’s Plate”.  

Congratulations to all winners, finalists, and entrants! Your enthusiasm to lead a healthy lifestyle following MyPlate messages inspires us!  We encourage everyone to view all the creative entries at

CNPP would like to thank the sponsors for showing America that it is possible to make healthy eating choices and have fun at the same time with MyPlate!

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Cyndy Kopitsky
Jun 22, 2015

Totally amazing! What a great contest. What great videos. I shared them with all my family and friends. Thank you so much to everyone that entered the competition and congrats to the winners!!!!

francie stoner
Jun 22, 2015

these are great! did you get any in Spanish?


Jean Andrson
Jun 22, 2015

I'm a retired teacher, raised three children, and now have four grandchildren and one great grandchild. In busy families it's difficult to get good nutrition in. The videos clearly gave great ideas and the fact that they were done by age appropriate peer groups added interest. They were so creative and very well thought out! Thanks for doing that.

Jean Irma
Jun 22, 2015

Well done! In the future perhaps you could do a video just for Toddlers

Jun 23, 2015

Great videos. Did not share with my class due to lack of multicultural imagery.

Ben Weaver
Jun 24, 2015

@francie stoner - we are glad you liked the videos. For more information on the submissions that were received, we recommend that you contact the sponsors of the Check Out MyPlate Video Search via their website: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;.

Debra Diaz
Jun 26, 2015

Wow the videos are great!! We need more youth that are as passionate about eating healthy as all of you. Don't stop and keep up the good work.

Jun 29, 2015

Great jobs on ALL videos!

Desiree can involve her class by teaching with multicultural foods and imagery.

Betty Burke
Jun 29, 2015

These are great videos!! I am going to flip it and show to the elders I work with every day; I think they will love them, too! Excellent work, videographers for health!!