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Buckle Up for a #USDARoadTrip

Posted by Matt Herrick, USDA Director of Communications in Health and Safety
Jul 01, 2015
The "Ask Karen" app on an iPhone
How many times have you gone into your pantry or refrigerator, only to find that what you were going to use in your meal was spoiled? The USDA would like to help you avoid that problem in the future with our new #FoodKeeper app: Android and iOS

From barbecues to broadband, USDA’s broad portfolio impacts the lives of American families everywhere. This month, in celebration of our nation’s Independence Day, we’ll take a summer road trip across the U.S. Department of Agriculture and see some of the ways USDA is assisting rural communities to build a stronger America from sea to shining sea.

Our first stop will be USDA’s Consumer Food Safety portfolio to explore the ways USDA is working around the clock to ensure you and your families are protected from harmful foodborne illness. A big part of that is making sure you have the correct information at the time when you need it most. That’s why over the years, our Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has found increasingly innovative ways to bring our food safety information to you.

Did you know that USDA has food safety tips specifically for you? No matter if you’re BBQing, going on a road trip or heading off to college, you can find helpful tips on the FSIS website. Is that pizza that’s been sitting out all day safe to eat? FSIS has an answer for you.

Grilling Like a PRO infographic
This summer, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service is also reminding Americans that #GrillingLikeaPRO is the safest and easiest way to grill. You can’t see harmful bacteria on your burgers, chicken, and steak—using a food thermometer is the only way to know that your food is safe to eat. For more information:

From our meat and poultry hotline open through holidays and when disaster strikes, to our 24-hour Ask Karen web application to our newest feature, the FoodKeeper app, USDA continuously adapts to meet the modern needs of the American consumer. Follow #USDARoadTrip this week to learn more about how USDA is working to keep you safe this holiday, and year round.

Two kayakers row downstream on Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe, CA.
Two kayakers row downstream on Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe, CA., Tahoe National Forest, Sierra Nevada. Photo by George Lamson, used with permission.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also make stops at some of our spectacular national forests, visit our nation’s rural communities, and see some of the work USDA is doing to preserve our nation’s lands for the enjoyment of future generations. We’ll also take you inside USDA’s R&D shop, which pumps out science and tech innovations, web portals, and applications for customers around the world. Stay tuned to see how in all corners of our nation, we’re working to ensure that we’re building a stronger rural America through partnership, progress and promise.

A Matanuska Telephone Association Lineman working to bring high-speed broadband to Chickaloon and Glacier View in Alaska
A Matanuska Telephone Association Lineman works to bring high-speed broadband to Chickaloon and Glacier View in Alaska. Photo courtesy MTA.
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