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Schools across America Honored for Their "One in a Melon" Farm to School Programs

Posted by Janna Raudenbush, Public Affairs Specialist, Food and Nutrition Service in Food and Nutrition
Feb 21, 2017
A girl working in the garden
Farm to school programs help kids form healthy habits, learn where their food comes from, and develop an understanding of the importance of nutrition and agriculture.

Back in March, we invited you to vote for the school district with your favorite farm to school program – one with exemplary initiatives, inspiring results; one that you think is ‘one in a melon’!

Well, the results were tabulated and one district in each state has just received the “One in a Melon” award.  These districts received the most votes from parents, teachers, community stakeholders, students, and others who recognized the incredible work they’re doing through their farm to school programs. We were so inspired by the nominations we received that we wanted to share a few quotes of them with you, but for a full list of award winners, visit

Belle Chasse Academy in Louisiana:

Every grade experiments with gardening throughout the year - even kindergarteners. They learn how seeds grow, learn about the process, about the impact we have on nature and nature on us. They tie it to their other studied subjects. We have a garden on site that we can go check out any time and where kids proudly could point out their own plant they have planted.

Col. San Judas Tadeo in Puerto Rico:

The school food authority buys fresh fruits and vegetables and their students know where their fruits and vegetables come from.  They also know the farmer who grew those fruits and vegetables.  On a bulletin board, they put the name of the farmer, the name of the farm and the town from where the fruits or vegetables come.  Farmers came in to talk about the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown.

Shelby County Schools in Tennessee:

My son's school has a wonderful garden. The kids get to help tend it, and the veggies are served in the cafeteria whenever possible. This is a very urban school, so it's great to see.

Loudoun County Schools in Virginia:

We have ‘farmer trading cards’ from local farms that give information on the farms, crops and the farmers that provide local produce. School parents are excited to be able to volunteer in the school garden.

Montague Area Public Schools in Michigan:

Montague supports farm to school in so many ways from the fresh amazing salad bar every day to the many fruits and veggies offered! We support our local farmers and our fabulous FAA program that provides us with eggs and fresh produce as well!! Montague pride!

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Reza Khosravi
May 25, 2016

I am a teacher in agricultural school, I want you to know, thanks to training programs if you use certain educational practices videos, photos or slide or file that you can send to help educate students.

Fred Walker
Jul 15, 2016

Good day. Our church in Atlanta now has in place an organic garden and it is located in a food desert. We have about 30 fruit trees and we are in the process of prepare the land for out vegetable garden. We are need of support and wanted to know if there are community grants that could assist us in this endeavor.
Thank you

Ben Weaver
Jul 18, 2016

@Fred Walker - thanks for your comment, Fred! You are doing great work to bring healthy food to your community. We encourage you to check out this <a href="…; rel="nofollow">Grants and Loans Chart</a> and the <a href="; rel="nofollow">Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food website</a> to explore grant opportunities that may suit your work. We also recommend reaching out to <a href="; rel="nofollow">Georgia Organics</a>, an organization based in Atlanta dedicated to connecting Georgia farms to Georgia families.