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Meet Carol & Brad: The Last Family in the #MyPlateMyWins Video Series

Posted by Kristen Booze, MPH, Public Affairs Specialist, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion in Food and Nutrition
Oct 25, 2016
Brad and Carol
The MyPlate, MyWins video series shows how real families make healthy eating work for them. Meet Brad, a dairy farmer, his wife Carol, and their four children in our newest and final family video.

This year, our MyPlate, MyWins video series has introduced you to families sharing their solutions for incorporating healthy eating into their unique lifestyles. In the final family video, Carol and Brad share how they plan meals around foods they either produce themselves in their family garden or are on sale at the grocery store. For them, making sure their four children eat right and take care of their bodies is essential!

“It is very satisfying when you’re eating what you’ve produced,” says Carol. “It’s rewarding because I can teach my kids where food comes from.”

Meet Carol & Brad, the last family in our MyPlate, MyWins video series, as they teach their four children the importance of keeping their bodies healthy:

In October, we kicked our, MyPlate, MyState campaign into high gear. This latest initiative encourages Americans to personalize their plates with their favorite local and seasonal foods. Additionally, MyPlate, MyState supports local farmers, ranchers, and producers just like Brad, a dairy farmer himself. Want to incorporate local foods into your meals like Carol and Brad? Visit for more information on the foods commonly produced in your state.

For more healthy eating tips and resources for families, visit, follow MyPlate on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email updates. And stay tuned… this might be the last family video, but more MyPlate, MyWins videos are on their way!

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