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New Web Page Makes Info on Agricultural Pests and Diseases More Accessible

Posted by Gail Keirn, USDA APHIS Public Affairs Specialist in Animals Technology
Mar 18, 2019
A screenshot of APHIS' Pests and Diseases page
The new Pests & Diseases web page provides easy access to information on APHIS’ pest and disease programs.

Each year, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) must respond to new threats to America’s agricultural and natural resources often in the form of invasive species or emerging diseases. To raise awareness about these growing threats and our efforts to manage, monitor and regulate their impacts, we’ve launched the new Pests & Diseases web page.

From the page, you can search by keywords (i.e., swine, chronic wasting disease, moth) or types (i.e., animal diseases, insects and mites, mollusks, nematodes, plant pests, wildlife program). You can also scroll through the 77 images of species and diseases of interest to APHIS. When you click on an image, you’re sent to more detailed information on that particular pest or disease.

APHIS and its state and industry partners continue to fight to protect agriculture against so many different pests and diseases. The variety and impacts are constantly growing. This new web page will make it easier for people to find information and provides a one-stop shop for all of APHIS’ pest and disease programs. Whether it’s citrus greening, avian influenza, feral swine, Asian long-horned beetles or some other pest or disease that interests you, this web page will help you find and explore the most current news and information.

To visit the page, go to or click the Pests and Diseases link under the Resources tab on the APHIS homepage.

Category/Topic: Animals Technology