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Be Amazed by the Colors of Fall

Posted by Robert Hudson Westover, Office of Communications, USDA Forest Service in Forestry
Sep 23, 2019
Fall colors at Cass Lake, Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota
Fall colors at Cass Lake, Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota. (Forest Service photo)

There are so many beautiful songs and poems written about autumn. And images! Amazing Fall Colors Flickr pictures and Forest Service YouTube videos of trees and flowers aglow with brilliant reds, yellows and oranges among the many iridescent shades of the color spectrum—see what I mean! Fall just brings out the poets in us.

This wonderfully vivid season also brings out the adventurers among us. A nice hike or walk in a national forest or grassland becomes suddenly awash with color and you feel like you’re walking through a digitally enhanced land of enchantment.

So, to make this trip you’re now planning a less logistically time-consuming sojourn, the USDA Forest Service has developed a very user-friendly mobile app aptly named Visitor Map. You can get all the information you need on how to download this very useful app by visiting our Fall Colors 2019 Website. Or, if you prefer the Website has links to maps and information you would find on the Visitor Map app.

Mobile app screenshots of the Visitor Map
Mobile app screenshots of the Visitor Map showing the Explore menu, an area view, the ability to change base maps and a satellite view.

All fall season the Forest Service’s social media team will be posting updates as to where to find and see vibrant landscapes. Whether you live near or far from a national forest or grassland, and plan to visit, be sure to check their website and social media posts. If you’re not sure where to locate a forest or grassland, just visit the Fall Colors 2019 Website or download the Visitor Map app and you’ll find all the location resources needed to plan your trip.

Remember, fall is fleeting so get out there before it’s gone.

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