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Using SNAP Benefits to Grow Your Own Food

Every month, more than 44 million people use SNAP to get nutritious food. Most of us probably imagine participants buying items like tomatoes, squash, and apples with their benefits. But did you know that SNAP can also help people grow their own food? With SNAP, participants can buy seeds and edible plants. It’s a great way to get fresh produce right at home! All SNAP retailers, including Farmers’ Markets, can sell seeds and plants to SNAP participants.

Walking through the Peoples' Garden

The weather is holding through this afternoon, and the lunchtime crowd in the Peoples' Garden is excited and really interested to see what's happening.

Early in the afternoon, the DC Central Kitchen, a student-operated non-profit in the District of Columbia which works to develop and serve organic, nutritious food to people in need, demonstrated the making of their bruschetta -- and they're still serving it outside to great reviews!

USDA Hosts "Healthy Garden" Workshop on Soil Health at The People's Garden

Last Friday, USDA employees offered a “Healthy Garden" Workshop to teach area residents and visitors about ways to improve soil health in their gardens. The Workshop series will continue every Friday from noon to 12:30 p.m. through September 25, focusing on a different practical gardening skill each week. The events are held outside USDA headquarters at the ‘People’s Garden’ at the corner of 12th and Jefferson Drive SW, across from the National Mall.