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women’s history month

Women in Agriculture: Making History Today and Growing Ag for Tomorrow

I had the opportunity to attend the biennial Rhode Island Women in Agriculture conference. At this event, I met an astounding young woman, Harley-Anne Rose, the Miss United States Agriculture for Massachusetts. I was immediately struck with the fact that she is the future of agriculture.

The Woman Who Cultivated a Billion-Dollar Industry

A Whitesbog, NJ, native born in 1871, Elizabeth Coleman White spent her childhood summers helping out on her parents' cranberry farm in the Pine Barrens.  While harvesting cranberries, she often wondered if the wild blueberries sprinkled on her parents' farm could be cultivated like the cranberries. Conventional wisdom at the time held that wild blueberries varied too much in size and sweetness and could not be cultivated.  A true pioneer, she embarked on a new mission – cultivate the wild blueberry.