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Financial Disclosure Tools

Electronic Filing for all USDA Public and Confidential Filers

As a business process improvement, the Department of Agriculture uses online electronic filing (e-filing) systems for you to file your Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 278e) and Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 450). We have received many positive comments about e-filing and are pleased to announce that the system is accessible to all public and confidential financial disclosure report filers throughout the Department.

Effective January 1, 2013, USDA policy is financial disclosure report filers are to submit their financial disclosure reports using FDonline, available at: Effective January 1, 2017, all new entrant OGE 278e filers are to submit their financial disclosure reports using Integrity, available at:

The FDonline electronic system USDA uses for filing financial disclosure reports has been upgraded to permit single sign-on access. Filers who have a USDA LincPass may access the filing system using your LincPass. The Office of Ethics prepared a useful guide for OGE 278 and OGE 450 filers who file in FDonline to help you navigate the new login process. To view more information, you may access FDonline SSO Login Steps 2019 (PDF, 469 KB). Each of these systems contain intuitive, easy-to-access pointers on each page to help you identify reportable information. We are always looking for ways to make these systems even better, and we welcome any comments you may have about your experiences with e-filing and any suggestions for further enhancing the process. We thank you for your support of this Department-wide process improvement. Go to USDA Ethics Advisor Locator to locate the ethics advisor for your mission area if you have questions about e-filing.

Forms, Templates, and Tools

  • FDOnline SSO Login Guide (PDF, 469 KB)

    Login Instructions for Financial Disclosure Filers (LincPass/PIV and Non-LincPass users).

  • Sample New Entrant OGE-278e Report

    Download the form (PDF, 170 KB)

    For the visual learner—use the Sample OGE 278e to help you properly report your assets and interests. The sample includes numerous commonly held assets, some complex holdings, farm holdings, real estate interests, etc., as well as standard agreements language for those coming to government from law firms, corporations, universities, and State governments.

  • Sample Termination OGE 278e Report

    Download the form (PDF, 144 KB)

    The OGE 278e termination report must be filed by all USDA public financial disclosure report filers within 30 days of terminating employment with the Federal Government. Call the Office of Ethics for assistance with completing the report or to request an extension. Your previous reports are available in the reporting systems. NOTE: You may not submit your termination report before your last day at USDA. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) permits submission of your final OGE-278 report to up to 15 days prior to your departure date, and we encourage you to submit the report while you are still on official duty here at USDA. However, this option is conditioned on your obligation to provide the Office of Ethics with an update to the report in the event there are changes to your reportable information after the submission date.

  • Resolving Error Messages in the OGE 278e Report

    Recently, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) updated the OGE 278 paper format to accommodate an electronic format: the new OGE 278e. Among other things, this new format requires OGE 278 filers to provide additional information not required in past years. Two changes that may affect your report are: (a) You must indicate whether your funds qualify as excepted investment funds (EIFs) and (b) you must respond to the following question: “Is this asset related to your employment (e.g., equity in business or partnership, stock options, retirement plans/accounts, deferred compensation, intellectual property, speaking fees, etc.)?” You will receive an error message if your report does not contain responses to these questions, even if you have no changes to the prior year’s report and are merely resubmitting your report with no changes to stocks and mutual funds previously reported. For instructions on how to resolve these errors, you may view the Resolving OGE 278e Error Messages (PDF, 342 KB).

  • 10 Tips to Make the OGE 450 Filing Process Easier

    Read 10 Tips to Make the 450 Filing Process Easier.

    This document provides helpful tips for filers regarding what to include, or what can be omitted, and should assist with double-checking that the report is complete.