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Commodity Standards and Grades

Commodity standards and grades provide a means for measuring levels of quality and value for agricultural commodities. These standards provide a basis for domestic and international trade and promote efficiency in marketing and procurement.

Quality Standards

USDA provides quality standards for agricultural products such as cotton, dairy, fruits and vegetables, livestock, poultry, nuts, and processed foods.

Quality Standards for Grain

USDA has developed strict measures of quality for products such as grains, rice, corn, and beans.

Quality Grading and Inspections

Quality grading is based on the standards developed for each product. Quality grades provide a common language among buyers and sellers, which in turn assures consistent quality for consumers.

Commodity Testing Services

USDA offers quality assessment testing of grain, corn, rice, pulses, and processed commodities.

Seed Regulatory and Testing Services

USDA regulates the interstate shipment of agricultural and vegetable seeds and offers voluntary seed testing services.