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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

What is the CFC?


The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the largest and most successful workplace charitable giving drive in the world. CFC is the only authorized charitable organization solicitation of Federal employees in their workplaces. CFC is structured to support and to promote philanthropy through a voluntary program that is cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to impact the CFC charitable interest of their choosing.

"Show Some Love"

The CFC theme this year is "Show Some Love”. There are literally thousands of CFC charitable interests a Federal employee can choose to support. Our hope and goal is that every U.S. Department of Agriculture employee can find a CFC charitable interest that they can identify with and consider supporting. Programs and organizations concerning children, families, individuals with special needs, the elderly, the environment, inner city schools, and research institutes, are just a sampling of the multitude of interests that can be supported through CFC.

Many of us have worked extremely hard to overcome challenges in our personal and professional lives. Still there are so many more challenges that we will face. As we meet and surpass our goals we can each name something or someone that helped us along the way. CFC allows you to be that helping hand. Your support helps to further a charitable interest you believe in. Your pledge can be completed anonymously or with the release of your contact information to the charity you are supporting.

Choose a Charity

Search for CFC registered charitable organizations online using the CFC Donor Pledging System. You can search using keywords, locations, charity names, and other terms.


2019 USDA Team

Vice Chair: Peter Bridgeman

Campaign Manager: Deep Saini

Deputy Campaign Manager: Jabari Hawkins

Campaign Coordinator: Mary Wolfe

Ethics Advisors: Andrew Tobin, Andrea Collins, Shannon Morton

Loaned Executive: Leah Brown