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Key Programs Catalog

Important information on several popular USDA services and programs. Organized in a clear way, this resource is designed to help USDA partners serve their communities

About the Key Programs Catalog

This catalog highlights popular USDA programs and services that may benefit your communities. The catalog is organized by:

  1. Applicant Type: Whether the prospective applicant is applying for benefits as an individual or as part of an organization (e.g., non-profit, university).

  1. Topic Area: Programs and services are grouped by stakeholder need or benefit type (e.g., disaster relief, access to funding).

CARES check icon This icon indicates that a program or service may have additional benefits or incentives for communities that are defined as socially disadvantaged and/or underserved. Learn more about our terminology.

The catalog is not exhaustive and does not include all programs or services USDA offers.

Review important upcoming and ongoing national USDA program deadlines. Please note that this list does not include every deadline, and only includes federal deadlines.

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Page last updated: May 2, 2023