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Forms and Resources


This page provides useful resources that ReConnect applicants can use to gain a better understanding of the application process and program requirements. The page will be updated regularly to include educational materials, relevant forms and documents, and other learning opportunities.

Webinars and Workshops

Following the December 12, 2019 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), USDA Rural Utilities Service is hosting a series of webinars and workshops dedicated to helping applicants gain a stronger understanding of the ReConnect program. The first webinar was held on December 18, 2019, and webinars will continue throughout the duration of the application window. Please visit the Webinar Materials page to find webinar recordings and transcripts.

Workshops began in late January and are taking place throughout the United States. Visit the Events page to learn more and register for upcoming events as they become available.

Application and Award Forms Checklist

This section provides a checklist of the application forms and legal documents that applicants will need as part of the application process. Not every form is relevant to each funding category. Please refer to the checklist to see which forms are applicable to the funding category for which you wish to submit an application. These documents are initial versions and may be modified at a later date. Click on the name of each form to view more details, or to download a copy.



Application Guide (PDF, 20 MB) New

Last updated: March 19, 2020

ARR Resolution Instructions and Samples (PDF, 196 KB) New

Business Pre-Subscription Form (PDF, 159 KB)

Depreciation Rates (PDF, 105 KB) New

Environmental Questionnaire - NHPA Section 106 (PDF, 329 KB) New

Environmental Questionnaire – Project (PDF, 635 KB) New

Environmental Questionnaire - Site and Route (PDF, 487 KB) New

Legal Opinion (DOCX, 20.3 KB)

Network Design Certification (PDF, 10 KB)


Closing Instructions (PDF, 96 KB)

DACA General Terms (PDF, 169 KB)

DACA Specific Terms (PDF, 60 KB)

Form UCC1 and UCC1Ad (PDF, 60.6 KB)

ReConnect Program Construction Procedures (PDF, 539 KB) New

ReConnect Program Intercreditor Agreement (PDF, 237 KB) New

ReConnect Program Legal Agreements New

ReConnect Program Legal Agreements – NEPA New

ReConnect Program Mortgages New

Additional Resources