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Service Catalog

The DISC Service Catalog is a comprehensive outline of everything offered as a service. DISC provides a full spectrum of innovative business and professional services for developing, maintaining and supporting enterprise-class business applications to federal and non-federal Agencies.

FY 2024 Service Catalog (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Application Solutions

Our partnerships are built on trust through ongoing two-way feedback. Our applications are "built-in, not bolted on" through iterations. We have a track record of establishing multiple applications successfully integrated with commercial cloud toolsets such as Salesforce, Jira and Confluence.

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Business Management

Our Business Services include contract management and procurement.

At DISC, we provide a full spectrum of innovative business and professional services for developing, maintaining and supporting enterprise-class business applications to federal and non-federal Agencies.

Our goal is to be the number one choice for secure, integrated enterprise applications, web services, custom desktop, software as a service, mobile and geospatial applications.

Business Solutions

DISC offers innovative services, transparent cost models, and holistic solutions across business lines. All services are available via an Interagency Agreement (IAA). One of our many accomplishments includes Robotic Process Automation: early adoption already demonstrating a $3.7M return on investment—the equivalent of 53 FTEs!

Cloud Solutions

Enabling and brokering emerging cloud technologies. We provide commercial cloud deployments, DevSecOps Cloud strategy, PaaS and SaaS solutions, Application Development, Business Process Management, Solutions modernization and government compliance.

We assisted seven USDA Mission Areas and four USDA Staff Offices to access $64M worth of commercial cloud services for Agency-specific needs.

DISC was the first Federal Agency to receive FedRAMP accreditation, meaning we meet the recognized standards to protect federal data in the cloud — including more than 30 laws, standards and regulations. Further accreditations include FISMA High, DoD Impact Level 4 and we’re a SOC1-accredited Tier 3 data center (along with Tier 4 features).

Additionally, our operating systems are Department of Defense and NIST 800-53 compliant (Rev5 in process), ensuring we keep our clients’ data safe. However, we know there’s more to providing a good service than complying with certifications and using the right software. We go above and beyond for our partners when it comes to customer service, providing a self-service portal and 24/7 support.

We also take an iterative development approach and use two-way feedback, allowing us to adapt to evolving requirements and keep a constant line of communication. Looking after data can be complex, but we’re happy to work with you through the complications.

Some of our past projects have included helping seven USDA Mission Areas and four Staff Offices to adopt commercial cloud services worth around $70 million, tailored to their specific needs and saving a customer millions of dollars by migrating their data centers over to our hosting services. However, we work on a wide range of projects.

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Hosting Platforms and Infrastructure

We specialize in On-premises infrastructure hosting, network, and storage solutions by providing secure, stable, and cost-effective platforms. Extensive expertise in server/storage infrastructure enables DISC to provide rapid, dynamic and reliable operating systems hardened to Department of Defense, NIST 800-53 (Rev5 in progress) and other government agency standards.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services include architectural planning, design and engineering, migration and implementation, application development, system integration, database management and project management.

DISC manages several IT support contracts to enable solutions across a variety of the industries leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, ServiceNow, Salesforce Mulesoft, Citrix, Oracle, Snowflake and many others.

Though managed services we can provide solutions to enhance your own deployments, address pain points or develop custom solutions. Our access to these professional services provide our customers quick access to address your needs.