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Business & Enterprise

Providing innovative services for enterprise-class business.
Our partnerships are built on trust through ongoing two-way feedback.

Managed Services 

We provide a Catalog of Services and holistic solutions across business lines. Our goal is to be the number one choice for secure, integrated enterprise applications, web services, custom desktop, software as a service, mobile and geospatial applications. We specialize in building quality products and excellent customer relationships. 

Our Professional Services include Architectural Planning, Design and Engineering, Migration and Implementation, Application Development, System Integration, Database Management and Project Management. 

Our Business Services include Contract Management and Procurement. 

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Enterprise Standards

We understand federal agencies and government requirements, so we streamline the process to get your project started quickly. We keep up with industry best practices and technologies, so you don’t have to. As a part of USDA, our interest is in strong partnerships and your success, not in profits or growth. Our cost model is transparent and the rates are correlated to resources consumed. All services are available via an Interagency Agreement (IAA).