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Payroll Tax Cuts - Now is the Time for Congress to Act

Posted by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in USDA Results
Dec 14, 2011

We’re getting down to the wire. Congress has until December 31, to pass the Payroll Tax Cut or 160 million Americans will see their taxes go up on January 1st and the typical middle class family will see a tax hike of about $1,000 in 2012.

This isn’t a time for politics.  This payroll tax cut is about the economy and how we can take steps now to get our economy on strong footing.  It will make a real difference to working Americans.  It will help families pay the bills.  And it is the right thing to do.

Since President Obama first talked about the American Jobs Act on September 8, I have met with farmers, ranchers, business leaders and others in communities throughout the country to discuss why it is so important that Congress pass this legislation.  What I hear about most often is that government can create jobs and stimulate consumer spending with the extension and expansion of the payroll tax cut.

Rather than fighting to protect high-end tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, we should be asking those earning more than $1 million a year to help their country out by paying a little more so we don’t increase the deficit as we help the middle class.  USDA and other government departments will also do their part by spending less and investing wisely. Time is running out – we need Congress to act.

Check out the Tax Cut Calculator on the White House website and enter in your information to see how much of a tax cut you’ll receive.

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