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A Celebration of Homeownership

Posted by Tony Hernandez, Rural Housing Service Administrator, USDA in Rural
Jul 01, 2015
The Hausman family of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
The Hausman family of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska used USDA Rural Development's Single Family Guaranteed Loan Program to purchase a home to call their own.

Homeownership Month 2015 is already coming to the end, and I couldn’t be happier with the celebrations I’ve participated in, read about or listened to stories of.

In 30 days I have visited seven states across our nation to meet the people that work for and with USDA Rural Development to help make homeownership a reality for so many rural American families.

I’ve seen hardworking folks in California and Montana push up the walls to their future homes; I met families in Ohio and Oklahoma who were already moved in, but still thoroughly filled with the joy of homeownership.

In Nebraska I was touched by the Hausman Family, who worked to own a home that fit the needs of their young, growing family.

In South Dakota I had the honor of meeting USDA field staff from all over the country who dedicate their lives to creating homeownership in the communities many of them grew up in.

When in Vermont I admired USDA staff volunteer their precious day to helping a family repair their existing home of 25 years.

Here at Rural Development we are the champions of change.  Families create better lives and stronger futures for themselves through our Homeownership programs. It doesn’t matter whether a family uses the Mutual Self-Help program, a Section 502 Direct Loan or a USDA Rural Development Guarantee on a loan with their hometown lender to achieve the American dream of homeownership. All these families- nearly 3.85 million since 1949- climbed a ladder of opportunity into the middle class that was put in place by lawmakers and held steady by their neighbors who have dedicated their livelihoods to helping their rural communities grow.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again: I am so proud to be the Administrator of an Agency of the USDA focused on fostering rural community economic development one family at a time.  

Housing programs are a conduit to family, neighborhood and community. When one family succeeds to buy their own home they build not only their own wealth but also strengthen the community around them.

Here in America we are one team. Here at USDA, we connect hardworking and courageous families to future building, life changing opportunities.

Let’s build a better future together.

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