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Now What? 5 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey

Posted by Corey Holland, RD, Nutritionist Consultant, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion in Initiatives Food and Nutrition
Oct 30, 2019
Don’t trash that turkey! Discover 5 new and exciting ways to use leftovers with these delicious recipes from MyPlate. (Click to view a larger version)
Don’t trash that turkey! Discover 5 new and exciting ways to use leftovers with these delicious recipes from MyPlate.

This week, many Americans will gather together with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. When the fun is done, you may be left with more turkey than you anticipated. MyPlate is here to help with these unique ways to use up those leftovers!

MyPlate encourages you to choose lean sources of protein. Selections from the Protein Foods group, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and peas, provide nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of your body. Turkey is a versatile food and an excellent source of lean protein!

Check out these recipes featuring turkey five different ways to use up leftovers, or to simply try something new!

  • The Twist on a Classic: Shepherd's Turkey Pie
    Mashed potatoes top this delicious layered casserole that makes great comfort food.
  • The Fun Family Favorite: Turkey Tostadas
    Take a new spin on Taco Night with this entrée that is sure to please the whole family. Get kids involved by letting them spread the refried beans or sprinkle on the cheese!
  • The Savory Side: Turkey Potato Salad
    Looking for something different?  This easy dish can be served as a side, or on top of mixed greens for a tasty lunch.
  • The One-dish Meal: Eve's Tasty Turkey Tetrazzini
    Food group fantastic! One serving of this tasty dish provides 1/2 cup of vegetables, 1 1/2 ounces of grains, 2 ounces of protein, and 1/4 cup of dairy!

For more healthy recipes, check out, and learn more about the Protein Foods Group at Check back with us in December for our next featured ingredient, oranges, five different ways!

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Nov 21, 2016

Although these recipes appear in a blog with the title of uses for leftover turkey, the actual recipes don't specify raw or cooked turkey. Would suggest that be changed to reflect which form can be used.

Feb 01, 2019

Why is it spelled "shepard"?

Ben Weaver
Feb 05, 2019

@Audrey - thank you for spotting that! We've corrected it within the blog as well as the recipe on What's Cooking.

Oct 30, 2019

Hi, the links for the recipes do not work :)

Ben Weaver
Oct 30, 2019

@Kelsy - thank you for your comment. We've updated the links within the blog. Please re-check and see if you are able to view the links.