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Three Food Safety Tips to Add to Your Healthy Eating Routine

Posted by Staff, National Agricultural Library in Food and Nutrition
Sep 17, 2020
A collage of a steak on the grill, veggies in containers and blueberries washed
Safe food handling, cooking, and storage can help to prevent food poisoning at home. Photo credit: iStock (2) and Pixabay (1). Graphic created using Canva.

September is National Food Safety Education Month, and is excited to share our updated Food Safety page to help you celebrate! Now, you can find information on current and trending topics like food delivery services and emergency food storage to continue enjoying safe, nutritious food.

How are you protecting yourself and your loved ones from food poisoning? Make food safety a part of your nutrition routine with these three tips:

  1. Choose the right transport method. Use’s Food Safety On the Go page to keep food at the proper temperature and avoid cross contamination when you are on the road or away from home. If you are interested in having someone else bring meals or groceries to your home, select a delivery service that follows food safety guidelines.
  2. Store food safely. Keep food fresh longer and prevent foodborne germs from growing by following guidelines for storing food in the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry. Our Safe Food Storage page provides information on how long foods stay fresh, along with convenient resources like the USDA FoodKeeper App.
  3. Prepare food properly. Clean surfaces and hands before and while preparing food to avoid cross contamination and cook food to the right temperature to kill any harmful germs. Learn about cooking temperatures and food handling on our Safe Food Preparation page.

A collection of resources from USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service and other federal agencies,’s Food Safety page is a one-stop shop for answering your food safety questions.

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