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USDA Announces Programs to Boost Tribal Food Sovereignty

00:01:00.447   2023-12-06   
The USDA is launching programs to boost the ability of tribal communities to feed themselves in the way they see fit. (Gary Crawford and Heather Dawn Thompson, Director of USDA's Office of Tribal Relations)

New Executive Order Will Give Tribes Easier Access to Federal Programs

00:01:00.395   2023-12-06   
The President has signed an Executive Order that will give tribes easier access to federal programs. (Gary Crawford and President Joe Biden)

Actuality: Boosting Co-Stewardship of Federal Lands with Tribes

00:00:21.133   2023-12-06   
President Joe Biden telling the Tribal Nations Summit about the growing number of agreements being signed with tribes to allow for co-stewardship of federal lands.

Vilsack Announces Grants Going to Tribes to Process Indigenous Foods

00:00:59.193   2023-12-06   
USDA is making grants to tribal organizations and communities to help them develop and expand local processing of indigenous foods. (Gary Crawford and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Actuality: Vilsack Launches Bison Purchase Pilot Program

00:00:50.938   2023-12-06   
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at the White House Tribal Nations Summit, talking about the new Bison Purchase Pilot Program.

U.S. Farmers Shifted into High Gear after Pearl Harbor Attack.

00:00:59.402   2023-12-06   
The 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor sent U.S. farmers into production overdrive, helped by civilian victory gardens. (Gary Crawford, Anne Effland and former President Franklin Roosevelt)

New FSA Online Loan Application Available

00:00:59.898   2023-12-06   
Farm Service Agency Direct Loan customers now have ability to apply for financing and check on their loans online. (Rod Bain and Deputy Agriculture Secretary Xochitl Torres Small)

Actuality: FSA Loan Application Streamlining Examples

00:00:59.062   2023-12-06   
Agriculture Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small talks about recent Farm Service Agency efforts to streamline the direct loan application process, including the recently released online loan application.

Actuality: Access to FSA Online Loan Application

00:00:37.485   2023-12-06   
Deputy Agriculture Secretary Xochilt Torres Small explains how Farm Service Agency existing and new Direct Loan borrowers can gain access to FSA's new online loan application.

Updated Row Crop Estimates Coming Next Month

00:00:58.462   2023-12-06   
We will have to wait another month to get updated USDA yield and acreage data for corn, soybeans and cotton. (Gary Crawford and USDA Outlook Chairman Mark Jekanowski)

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