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The Farm Broadcaster and JFK

00:01:00.369   2020-11-23   
A legendary farm broadcaster recollects his connection with a U.S. President, including announcing the news of his assassination. (Rod Bain. Legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite. Legendary farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson)

Actuality: Orion Samuelson on His First Encounter with JFK

00:01:00.395   2020-11-23   
Legendary farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson talks about his first visit with then Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy in 1960. This week marks the fifty-seventh anniversary of the President's assassination.

USDA Raises its Forecast for U.S. Agricultural Exports

00:00:59.924   2020-11-23   
USDA is just out with its new forecast for agricultural exports. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

A New Forecast for U.S. Ag. Product Sales to China

00:00:53.524   2020-11-23   
USDA has a new projection for U.S. agricultural product sales to China during this new 2021 fiscal year. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

USDA Raises 2020 Forecast for Retail Food Prices

00:01:00.107   2020-11-23   
Supermarket food prices for 2020 may average higher than had been expected. (Gary Crawford and Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist)

Actuality: The Food Price Inflation Forecast for 2021

00:00:14.445   2020-11-23   
Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist, has the retail food price forecast for 2021.

Actuality: 2020 Retail Price Projections for Meats

00:00:10.475   2020-11-23   
Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist, outlining soime of the 2020 average price projections for meats.

Further Declines in Winter Wheat Condition

00:00:57.730   2020-11-23   
Further declines are evident in winter wheat condition. (Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Detailed Look at Winter Wheat Condition

00:00:56.868   2020-11-23   
USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, has a detailed look at winter wheat condition around the country.

Cotton Harvest Progress is Ahead of the Five-Year Average

00:00:59.846   2020-11-23   
The cotton harvest pace is progressing ahead of last year and the five-year average.(Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

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