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Promoting Elder Justice in Rural America

00:01:00.316   2018-06-20   
Rural seniors are more susceptible to abuse and scams, which is why USDA and the Justice Department are increasing efforts of protection and education. (Rod Bain and Deputy Secretary Stephen Censky)

USDA Resources a Part of Addressing Rural Elder Issues

00:00:59.559   2018-06-20   
The Agriculture Department has a wide range of programs available to rural areas seeking to improve quality of life for their senior citizens. (Rod Bain and Deputy Secretary Stephen Censky)

Both Sides Lose with Chinese Tariffs on U.S. Soybeans

00:00:54.961   2018-06-20   
An expert says both the U.S. and China would lose if China imposes tariffs on U.S. soybeans and if the tariffs stay in effect for very long. (Gary Crawford and Wally Tyner)

Long Term Chinese Tariffs on U.S. Soybeans Would Have Major Effects

00:00:59.768   2018-06-20   
What would be the economic effect if China were to impose tariffs on U.S. soybeans and if those tariffs were to remain for several years? (Gary Crawford and Wally Tyner)

The T.S.A. --- Tick Security Advice

00:00:59.820   2018-06-20   
If you are working or playing in areas where ticks abound, here's some advice on how to cut the chances of become a meal for a tick or two. (Gary Crawford, Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky Extension entomologist and tick rapper, Tanya Josek)

Smithsonian Celebrates Tractors

00:00:59.951   2018-06-20   
A Smithsonian museum is celebrating tractors, and the agricultural innovation they represent. (Stephanie Ho. Peter Liebhold, Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Max Armstrong, ag broadcaster)

An "Incredible" Crossover "Egg"actly like the Movies

00:00:59.820   2018-06-19   
What does the top grossing movie at this past weekend's box office have in common with a popular commodity promotion? (Rod Bain and Marc Dresner of the American Egg Board)

Actuality: How an "Incredible" Crossover Came About

00:00:56.816   2018-06-19   
Marc Dresner of the American Egg Board explains how a collaboration led to cross-promotion of both eggs and a blockbuster movie.

Actuality: An Example of a Commodity Promotion Program

00:00:44.930   2018-06-19   
Marc Dresner of the American Egg Board explains the purpose behind his commodity promotion and research board, similar to others also under USDA oversight.

Corn and Soybean Condition Ratings High, Even with High Temps

00:00:59.088   2018-06-19   
Even with some unusually hot weather, corn and soybean crops in most places are looking very good. (Gary Crawford and Eric Luebehusen)

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