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Agriculture USA

Integrated Pest Management at its Finest

00:04:59.990 2018-10-23   
Efforts over a century old to eradicate a detrimental pest to cotton appears to have proved successful, thanks to a broad partnership and their diverse methods to control Pink Bollworm. And as Rod Bain reports in this edition of "Agriculture USA", this collaboration is considered an example in the realm of pest control.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Secretary Sonny Perdue. Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Greg Ibach. National Cotton Council President Gary Adams. Arizona cotton grower Clyde Sharp.

Agriculture consumer time image

Consumer Time

Efforts in Winning on Reducing Food Waste

00:02:40.783 2018-10-23   
A new initiative with USDA and several public and private partners continues efforts to reduce food loss and food waste within our nation. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Secretary Sonny Perdue. Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

A Winter Weather Outlook that Some Can Warm Up To

00:02:58.991 2018-10-23   
What kind of winter will be in store for you? The weather experts are going out on a limb with a forecast. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist.

Supermarkets Have Lost More to Restaurants than Previously Reported

00:02:40.261 2018-10-23   
Changing eating patterns of Americans are chopping away at the share of our food dollar going to traditional supermarkets. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Brian Todd with the Food Institute. Abigail Okrent, USDA economist.

Don't Move Firewood -- Unless You Want to Give Invasive Pests a Free Ride

00:02:45.146 2018-10-23   
October is Firewood Month -- which is a chance to highlight the need not to move firewood around the country. Stephanie Ho tells you why.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. Leigh Greenwood, the Nature Conservancy.

Bat Week Benevolent in Bountiful Bat Benefits

00:02:57.763 2018-10-23   
The numerous benefits bats provide, and how we can help these mammals through some of their challenges, is the focus of an annual week celebrating bats. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Kim Winter and Brian Logan of the U.S. Forest Service

Agriculture update image

Agriculture Update

Partnership Eradicates Pesky Cotton Pest in U.S.

00:02:26.416 2018-10-23   
A recent celebration at USDA headquarters marked the elimination of the costly Pink Bollworm from all U.S. cotton growing areas. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Sonny Perdue

Clearing the Path for Ag Research in the Next Decade

00:02:28.871 2018-10-23   
What is needed to build and improve support of food and agricultural research, so it can address global issues such as feeding a growing world population? Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman. Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics Chavonda Jacobs-Young. Marco Ferroni of CGIAR. Utah State University President Noelle Cockett.

Farm Safety Net and Conservation Payments Issued

00:02:07.268 2018-10-23   
Eligible producers and landowners are receiving payments related to Farm Bill safety net and conservation programs. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation Bill Northey

Beef Cattle Industry--Expanding, Contracting or Steady?

00:02:27.722 2018-10-23   
Are U.S. beef cattle producers finally entering a liquidation phase? A new USDA report offers some clues. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA livestock analyst, Shayle Shagam.

"Batty" Examples of Integrated Pest Management

00:02:28.688 2018-10-23   
Several may not realize the importance of bats when it comes to controlling invasive pests that damage row and tree crops. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Brian Logan and Kim Winter of the U.S. Forest Service
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