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Hemp is One Hot Agricultural Topic for 2020

00:04:59.990 2020-02-18   
Hemp is one hot agricultural topic for 2020, and there are still a lot of things about USDA is working out. Stephanie Ho has the story.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. AMS Administrator Bruce Summers. USDA Under Secretary Bill Northey.

Hemp is an Example of Value-Added Agricultural Innovation

00:03:00.009 2020-02-18   
What's one good example of value-added agricultural innovation? Industrial hemp. Stephanie Ho has the story.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. USDA Deputy Under Secretary Scott Hutchins. Bill Hilliard, CEO of Atalo Holdings. Chris Adams, Adams Family Farm.

An Explosion of Claims on Meat and Poultry Product Labels

00:03:00.062 2020-02-18   
If the label on a meat product says "raised with no antibiotics" or "no GMO's", how do we know it's true? Gary Crawford has the answer in this report.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Andy Harig with the Food Marketing Institute. Jeff Canavan with USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

A Quick Review of Key Parts of the Tax Law

00:02:54.942 2020-02-18   
In case you've forgotten or have never filed taxes under the new tax law, Gary Crawford has a quick refresher on some of the key aspects of the law.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Kristine Tidgren, Director of Iowa State University's Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation. Classic radio comedians, Fibber McGee and Molly

A 45 Year Old Tax Credit Many Eligible Low-Income Families Miss

00:02:58.102 2020-02-18   
Millions of low-income working Americans are missing out on a tax credit that could help them meet their families' needs. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Former President's Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton. Ohio State University Extension Consumer Policy expert, Lauren Jones.

You May Qualify for Free In-Person Help with your Taxes

00:02:54.262 2020-02-18   
If you're having trouble trying to figure out your taxes, you may qualify for some free in-person help. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Dr. Joanne Bankston, extension economics expert at Kentucky State University. Plus comedians, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

A Greater Awareness of Grain Bin Safety

00:02:23.516 2020-02-18   
A recent rise in fatal grain bin accidents has led to increased awareness efforts regarding grain bin safety and safety procedures. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Secretary Sonny Perdue. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

*** - STATIONS : National Grain Bin Safety Week is February 16 - 22 ***

A Look at USDA Ten-Year Ag Projections

00:02:25.162 2020-02-18   
What are some of the notable takeaways within the Agriculture Department's latest projections for ag between this year and the year 2029? Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and USDA economist David Boussios

USDA has Risk Management Programs for Hemp Producers

00:02:29.603 2020-02-18   
USDA has announced the availability of two risk management programs to help hemp growers protect their crops. Stephanie Ho has the story.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre. Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce.

Two Initiatives Addressing Water Quality Issues

00:02:25.632 2020-02-18   
Water quality initiatives supported by USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service recently provided funding for specific watershed projects. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Martin Lowenfish of USDA-NRCS

Bringing Together a Blueberry Mechanized Harvester

00:02:22.262 2020-02-18   
Joint research to develop a mechanized harvester for fresh blueberry growers could assist in addressing labor shortages and receiving a premium market price. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Lisa DeVetter of Washington State University
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