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Oysters, the Chesapeake Bay, and a New Term: Merroir

00:04:59.990 2020-11-24   
What is there to know about oysters? Perhaps more than you might expect. Stephanie Ho brings this world of discovery from the waters of the deep in this edition of "Agriculture USA".

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. Don Webster of University of Maryland Extension. University of Maryland Professor Matt Gray.

Some Thanksgiving History and Twistery

00:02:59.826 2020-11-24   
Do you think you know all about the story of Thanksgiving? If so, there's no need to listen to this report from Gary Crawford.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA historical expert, Anne Effland.

The Average Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal in 2020

00:02:30.047 2020-11-24   
So how much will consumers pay this year for all the items and ingredients usually included in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and John Newton of the American Farm Bureau Federation

Science Aids Weather Forecasting, But Doesn't Allow for Long-Term Predictions

00:02:59.983 2020-11-24   
When it comes to weather forecasts, science provides reliability, but does not permit meteorologists to make specific weather predictions too far in advance. Stephanie Ho reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey.

You May Know about Terroir, but what is Merroir?

00:02:59.983 2020-11-24   
If you love to eat oysters, you may already know the answer to this question, but for the rest of us, what is merroir (mare-wahr)? Stephanie Ho sheds some light on the concept.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. Don Webster, University of Maryland Extension. Matt Gray, University of Maryland

A Christmas Tree Close-Up in the South

00:02:40.496 2020-11-24   
An area not necessarily thought of for Christmas tree production offers a variety of species for the holidays, especially as living Christmas trees. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and John Kushla of Mississippi State University Extension

Perdue Says Trade Agreements Combining to Bolster Commodity Prices

00:02:29.655 2020-11-24   
Are new trade agreements over the last four years combining to raise farm prices? Sonny Perdue thinks so. Gary Crawford has this report.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

Two CRP Sign-Ups to Start 2021

00:02:30.151 2020-11-24   
USDA's Farm Service Agency recently announced sign-up periods next year for the general Conservation Reserve Program and CRP Grasslands. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce

New Updates for the National Poultry Improvement Plan

00:02:29.969 2020-11-24   
What are the latest updates to the National Poultry Improvement Plan? Stephanie Ho has the story.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and Elena Behnke, National Poultry Improvement Plan senior coordinator.

National Weather Service Winter Outlook

00:02:30.021 2020-11-24   
What are the National Weather Service's expectations for the upcoming winter? Stephanie Ho has this report.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey.

Ag Contributions to the Energy Sector

00:02:14.870 2020-11-24   
What do ethanol and biodiesel contributions to the nation's overall energy sector look like in 2020, and how might ag based energy contribute in the future? Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Ron Lamberty of the American Coalition of Ethanol. Tom Verry of the National Biodiesel Board.
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