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Examples of Innovations in Agriculture - Part Two

00:04:59.938 2021-07-20   
The beneficiaries of agricultural innovations are in many cases are consumers, whether it is new food products, clothing from natural fibers, or biofuels for transportation. Yet there are ag based innovations and technologies some consumers may not realize are also playing a key role in their daily lives. Rod Bain looks at some examples of innovation in agriculture as part of an ongoing series in “Agriculture USA”.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Tim Trotter of EDGE Dairy Cooperative. John Fode of the Corn Refiners Association. Jim Bair of the U.S. Apple Association. Paul Ziemninsky of DMI. Mike Newland of the Propane Education and Research Council. USDA-APHIS Deputy Director for Plant Protection and Quarantine Osama El-Lissy. 2021 World Food Prize Laureate Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilstead

The Summer's Getting Warmer--So Is Food Price Inflation

00:03:00.114 2021-07-20   
Food prices are rising at a faster-than-normal pace. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist. Also, a cameo by a famous monster.

Supporting Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvement in Rural America

00:02:36.055 2021-07-20   
Various rural water and wastewater disposal project proposals received support recently through USDA loans and grants targeting those specific forms of infrastructure. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Rural Development Deputy Under Secretary Justin Maxson.

Protecting Your Lawn or Landscaping from Extreme Weather Damage

00:02:39.451 2021-07-20   
To keep lawn, landscaping, or garden damage from an extreme weather event away or at a minimum, preventative maintenance is important. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Heather Kirk-Ballard of Louisiana State University Extension

Hot Coffee Is Cool Again

00:03:00.114 2021-07-20   
Coffee has made one of the most dramatic comebacks in food and beverage history. Gary Crawford brews up this report.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Coffee grower and marketer, Arondo Holmes. Karen Blakeslee, extension educator with Kansas State University. Coffee fan, Kara Crawford.

Tactics to Thwart Tick Attacks

00:03:00.166 2021-07-20   
Ticks can convey serious diseases. What can we do to reduce tick attacks? We'll find out in this report from Gary Crawford.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Lee Townsend. Tick rapper, Tanya Josek. Also Brad Paisley.

Emergency Crop Insurance Procedures in Effect in Drought Impacted Areas

00:02:02.383 2021-07-20   
How might emergency procedures for federal crop insurance give producers and agents in drought impacted areas greater flexibilities? Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Risk Management Agency Acting Administrator Richard Flournoy

Incentives to Encourage CRP Enrollment

00:02:16.751 2021-07-20   
Updates to the Conservation Reserve Program and its Grasslands component are encouraging producers to enroll acreage via incentives. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Farm Service Agency Administrator Zach Ducheneaux

Livestock Indemnity Program Now Available for Pandemic Impacted Producers

00:02:06.720 2021-07-20   
Local Farm Service Agency offices are now accepting applications for a new program assisting livestock and poultry producers financially impacted by the pandemic. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and FSA Administrator Zach Ducheneaux

Diverging Directions for Winter and Spring Wheat

00:02:29.969 2021-07-20   
There are diverging pictures for the nation's winter and spring wheat crops. Stephanie Ho has the story.

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski.

Initiatives Supporting Dairy Business Innovation

00:02:44.780 2021-07-20   
A USDA based resource supports regional dairy business innovation and market opportunities, with funding now available to develop more initiatives. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs May Wu
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