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House Ag Committee Advances 2024 Farm Bill Proposal
   2024-05-24 00:00:59.872
The full House of Representatives now has a new Farm Bill proposal to consider after the House Agriculture Committee advanced the measure early Friday. (Rod Bain and House Ag Committee Chair Glenn Thompson (R-PA)

Steady Trends in May Food Price Outlook
   2024-05-24 00:00:59.977
USDA's latest Food Price Outlook reflects a continued stabilization of prices from the previous month. (Rod Bain and economist Megan Sweitzer)

Actuality: Food Price Index Changes by Category
   2024-05-24 00:00:29.910
USDA economist Megan Sweitzer looks at month over month adjustments by food item category within the latest Food Price Outlook.

A Transition from El Nino to La Nina?
   2024-05-24 00:01:00.238
What is the potential that the summer weather outlook includes a shift in climate patterns in coming months? (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey)

Actuality: El Nino to La Nina Transition Outlook
   2024-05-24 00:00:59.768
USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey discusses the expected transition of U.S. climatic patterns from an El Nino to a La Nina over the summer.

Actuality: Summer Weather Outlook and Potential Ag Impacts
   2024-05-24 00:01:00.290
USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey looks at forecasted summer weather conditions across the country and what that may mean from a crop and pasture perspective.

Another Adjustment Down in Cattle Feedlot Inventory
   2024-05-24 00:01:00.081
USDA reports cattle inventories in feedlots were down as of May First, per its monthly Cattle on Feed report. (Rod Bain and livestock economist Michael McConnell)

Actuality: Takeaways from May Cattle on Feed Report
   2024-05-24 00:00:40.568
USDA livestock analyst Michael McConnell discusses some of his takeaways from the latest Cattle on Feed report.

Expanded Support for H5N1 Impacted Dairy Producers
   2024-05-23 00:00:59.872
The Agriculture Department Thursday announced expanded supports for some financial options available to dairy farmers with herds affected by the H5N1 strain of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. (Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack)

A Potential Record Year for Atlantic Hurricane Season?
   2024-05-23 00:01:00.316
The first federal forecast for this year's Atlantic hurricane season indicates the possibility of a record number of named storms. (Rod Bain and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Rick Spinrad)

Actuality: Factors Behind Atlantic Hurricane Forecast
   2024-05-23 00:01:00.264
Rick Spinrad, Administrator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, discusses the conditions contributing to a forecast of above normal tropical storm activity in the Atlantic Basin this year.

Considerations and Preparations with Tropical Storms
   2024-05-23 00:01:00.186
A federal official says now is the time for preparations for a potential tropical storm or hurricane, especially with a potential record year for name storms forecasted for 2024. (Rod Bain and National Weather Service Director Ken Graham)

Eastern Pacific Hurricane Forecast for 2024
   2024-05-23 00:01:00.290
How does the Atlantic hurricane forecast for this year reflect similar prognostication for the Pacific Basin? (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey)

There is One Cookout Shortcut You Should Not Take.
   2024-05-23 00:00:57.576
Doing things "halfway" can often cause problems later on, especially when you are having a holiday weekend cookout. (Gary Crawford and Meredith Carothers, with the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline) ****Broadcasters: The USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 888-MPHOTLINE(888-674-6854) Listeners can also go online to

Actuality: Minimum Internal Temps for Safely Cooking Meat/Poultry
   2024-05-23 00:00:38.568
Meredith Carothers, food safety expert with the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline, giving the minimal recommended internal cooking temperatures for various meat and poultry products. Of course, the key is having and using a food thermometer. ****Broadcasters: The USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 888-MPHOTLINE(888-674-6854) Listeners can also go online to

Cover Crops in Cattle Operations
   2024-05-23 00:00:59.924
A recent USDA study looks at how cover crop production integrated into cattle operations might provide economic benefits for producers as well as resource conservation benefits. (Rod Bain and economic researcher Maria Bowman)

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Agriculture USA

A Celebration of Modern Agriculture
   2024-05-21 00:04:59.990
The National Mall in Washington DC recently played host to a vast display of innovations, technologies and equipment associated with agriculture, providing a glimpse of aspects of modern ag. Rod Bain looks at this event, and some examples of modern farming and food production in this edition of “Agriculture USA”. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Nick Tindall of the Association of Equipment Manufactures. Andy LaVigne of the American Seed Trade Association. Mac Marshall of the United Soybean Board. Deputy Agriculture Secretary Xochitl Torres Small.

Consumer Time

Recap from White House Rural Communities in Action
   2024-05-21 00:02:40.417
A recent White House event featured announcements from the Agriculture Secretary on investments for rural infrastructure and economic development. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack

Food Price Inflation Lowest in Years
   2024-05-21 00:02:41.808
Food price inflation is the lowest in years. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Megan Sweitzer

How to Battle the Bugs at Your Cookout or Picnic
   2024-05-21 00:03:00.297
Do any of the usual insect deterrents actually work to keep bugs away from our cookouts and picnics? Gary Crawford has this report. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Kait Chapman with the University of Nebraska.

Outdoor Grillers Often Break the Most Important Food Safety Rule
   2024-05-21 00:03:00.035
Outdoor grillers follow most of the recommended food safety rules, but often ignore one crucial rule. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Meredith Carothers, food safety expert with USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline. ****Broadcasters: The USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 888-MPHOTLINE(888-674-6854)Listeners can also go online to***

Goofs and Gaffes to Avoid at Early Summer Cookouts
   2024-05-21 00:02:57.057
The CDC says millions of us will get sick this summer from outdoor grilling mistakes. Gary Crawford has a list of the three biggest goofs. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Meredith Carothers, food safety expert with USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline. Also, Larry, Moe and Curly. ****Broadcasters: The USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 888-MPHOTLINE(888-674-6854) Listeners can also go online to

Agriculture Update

What's the Best Way to Help Farmers Hit by Disasters?
   2024-05-21 00:02:25.464
As lawmakers try to craft a new farm bill, one of the many debates centers around what is the best way to help producers when disasters strike. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Steve Peterson with USDA Farm Service Agency

Big Growth in Bio-Based Economy?
   2024-05-21 00:02:22.152
A Department of Energy report is projecting major growth of the U.S. bio-based economy which could raise farmers' revenues. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Jeff Marootian with the Department of Energy

A Lighthearted Look at the Outlook for Dairy
   2024-05-21 00:02:30.024
What is the outlook for milk production and prices for the next year and a half? Gary Crawford haa the latest forecast. ' PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Classic entertainer, Danny Kaye. USDA Outlook Board Chairman Mark Jekanowski.

Heavy Rains and Potential Impacts to Brazilian Crops
   2024-05-21 00:02:13.642
A unique multi-day rain event in Southern Brazil raises concerns how crops currently under harvest might be affected. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and USDA Chief Meteorologist Mark Brusberg

How Farmers Can GREET Sustainable Aviation Fuel Opportunity
   2024-05-21 00:02:29.577
Updated greenhouse gas emission modeling coupled with tax credits could provide growers another value-added revenue stream through sustainable aviation fuel production. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Paul Winters of the Clean Fuels Alliance. Lindsay Fitzgerald of GEVO. Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation Robert Bonnie.