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Continuous CRP and CREP Sign-Up Periods Starting Monday
   2019-12-06 00:00:59.559
Two additional Conservation Reserve Program offerings will begin their latest sign-up periods Monday - the same day that general CRP enrollment will start. (Rod Bain and Farm Service Agency Assistant Deputy Administrator Brad Karmen)

October U.S. Ag. Exports/Imports about the Same as October 2018
   2019-12-06 00:01:00.055
The U.S. agricultural trade value totals for October are almost identical to October a year ago. (Gary Crawford and Bart Kenner)

USDA Urges Producers to Respond to 2019 Organic Survey
   2019-12-06 00:00:57.077
USDA is urging organic producers to respond to the 2019 Organic Survey, a report that has a wide range of uses. (Stephanie Ho and Daphne Schauber, NASS)

Organic Producers -- Get Ready to Respond to USDA's Organic Survey
   2019-12-06 00:00:59.951
USDA is urging organic producers to provide information about their operations for 2019. (Stephanie Ho and Daphne Schauber, NASS)

Actuality: USDA Maintains Producer Confidentiality in Data Collection
   2019-12-06 00:00:20.897
Daphne Schauber, with the National Agricultural Statistics Services, emphasizes that USDA prides itself on maintaining producer confidentiality when collecting data.

Actuality: What Does the 2019 Organic Survey Cover?
   2019-12-06 00:00:31.582
Daphne Schauber, with the National Agricultural Statistics Services, gives some examples of what's included in the 2019 Organic Survey, which organic producers have until January 10 to respond to.

Home Delivery of Real Christmas Trees Is Small, but Growing, Enterprise
   2019-12-06 00:01:00.055
Home delivery of real Christmas trees is a small, but growing, enterprise. (Gary Crawford and Tim O'Connor)

Pets Can Get Stressed When We Host a Holiday Party
   2019-12-06 00:00:59.533
Hosting a holiday party can be stressful for the host, but sometimes more stressful for the host's pets. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Susan Nelson)

Hosting a Healthier, Lower Calorie, Holiday Dinner Party
   2019-12-06 00:01:00.055
We don't have to give a holiday dinner party in which our guests depart heavier and less healthy than when they came in. (Gary Crawford, Karen Ensle and Daffy Duck)

Opening Soon - Conservation Reserve Program Sign-Ups
   2019-12-05 00:00:59.715
Various acreage sign-ups for USDA's Conservation Reserve Program begin next week, including the first general CRP sign-up in five years. (Rod Bain. Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce. FSA Assistant Deputy Administrator Brad Karmen.)

Actuality: Available Acreage for CRP Enrollment
   2019-12-05 00:00:31.104
Farm Service Agency Assistant Deputy Administrator Brad Karmen discusses how many acres are eligible for enrollment under various Conservation Reserve Program sign-ups, including the recently announced general sign-up set to begin on December 9th.

General CRP Sign Up a Competitive Process
   2019-12-05 00:00:59.898
The latest general Conservation Reserve Program sign-up beginning Monday is a competitive process for those wishing to enroll acreage in the program, according to a Farm Service Agency official. (Rod Bain and Assistant Deputy Administrator Brad Karmen).

Actuality: CRP 101
   2019-12-05 00:00:46.915
Brad Karmen of the Farm Service Agency office explains the history and intent of the Conservation Reserve Program – now in its 35th year, and offering its latest enrollment periods starting Monday, including a general acreage sign-up.

First Western Mountain Snowpack Outlook of 2019-2020
   2019-12-05 00:00:59.297
How has the Western mountain snowpack season shaped up so far in terms building up the region's water supplies? (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Short-Term Outlook for Western Mountain Snowpack Accumulations
   2019-12-05 00:00:28.786
USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, discusses potential storms in parts of the West and how that may impact snowpack for next year's water supplies.

A Preview of December USDA Reports
   2019-12-05 00:01:00.133
With release of USDA's December Crop Production report and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates days away, what might be some of the items of interest in each report? (Rod Bain and Acting World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

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Agriculture USA

Avoiding the Farm Crisis of the 1980's
   2019-12-03 00:05:00.329
Many in agriculture who were around three-decades ago remember the crisis that impacted the farm economy, and wonder if present conditions may lead to a repeat of that situation? A recent panel discussed some of the current policies, practices, and possibilities in place and in the future that could prevent a return of the 1980's farm crisis. Rod Bain presents their thoughts in this edition of "Agriculture USA". PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Former Agriculture Secretary John Block. Farm Service Agency Kansas State Director David Schemm. Independent grain market analyst Dave Durchholz. Missouri farmer Garrett Reikof.

Consumer Time

Sending or Receiving Holiday Food Gifts? Be Careful.
   2019-12-03 00:03:00.088
Planning on shipping or receiving perishable holiday food gifts? These gifts require some special food safety handling. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Janell Goodwin with USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline and cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker.

Don't Drown in the Choppy Sea of Holiday Shopping
   2019-12-03 00:02:58.155
It happens to millions of us--overspending for holiday gifts and ending up in financial trouble. Gary Crawford has a report on how to avoid that trouble. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Amanda Woods, Ohio State University Extension expert on Financial Health

Real Christmas Trees Staging a Comeback?
   2019-12-03 00:03:00.062
After years of sagging sales of real Christmas trees, there was a huge increase last year. Is this a fluke or a trend? Gary Crawford has the story. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Tim O'Connor, Executive Director of the National Christmas Tree Association. Tree farmer, Jim Gehlsen. Also Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon from the cast of A Christmas Story.

The Year-Round Effort to Produce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
   2019-12-03 00:02:33.600
Consumers enjoy Christmas trees for a relatively short time compared to the year-long work of tree farmers - family farmers at that - to produce these holiday staples. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Melissa Ploeckelman of the National Farm Medicine Center

A Clutter Full of Kindness for the Holidays
   2019-12-03 00:02:37.753
Recycling items to reduce home clutter, such a re-gifting previous gifts, or donating items to charity, can help bring some joy this holiday season. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Karen Chan

Agriculture Update

Highlights and Lowlights from USDA's New Farm Income Forecast
   2019-12-03 00:02:30.256
Even though 2019 farm sector income will be higher than 2018, the sector's financial condition may still be worsening. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson

Helping African Nations Safeguard their Agriculture from Pests/Diseases
   2019-12-03 00:02:30.047
Plant protection officials from over 20 African nations are home now after attending a special four day workshop in the U.S. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Osama El-Lissy and John Greifer with USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Craig Fedchock with the United Nations' International Plant Protection Convention. Dr. Felicia Ansah-Amprofi, Plant Protection Director for Ghana.

How to Avoid the Farm Economy of the 1980's
   2019-12-03 00:02:25.266
A recent panel discussion focused on the farm economy of three decades ago compared to today, and what is available to prevent another farm crisis such as the one in the 1980's. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Former Agriculture Secretary John Block. Farm Service Agency Kansas State Director David Schemm. Grain market analyst Dave Durchholz. Farmer Garrett Reikof.

Highlights of Irrigation and Water Management Survey
   2019-12-03 00:02:19.859
A regular USDA survey looks at irrigated farm lands and how H20 is applied in parts of the country. Rod Bain talks with an industry insider on the latest survey release, and its findings, in this report. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and John Farner of the Irrigation Association

Youth Safety Considerations on a Christmas Tree Farm
   2019-12-03 00:02:26.912
Christmas Tree farm operators, and the youth that work for them, both must have farm safety considerations in mind when doing their jobs. Rod Bain looks at some safety pointers in this report. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Ban and Melissa Ploeckelman of the National Farm Medicine Center