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SPG Coalition: Outputs and Events

The SPG Coalition provides a platform for sharing and disseminating information about best practices, lessons learned, and innovative, evidence-based approaches for sustainable productivity growth. To this end, the SPG Coalition provides information on coalition outputs, and hosts and participates in diverse events.

Recent Coalition Outputs

  • The 2023 Compendium of Actions and Lessons Learned: (PDF, 12.6 MB) Since its creation, SPG Coalition members, together and individually, have supported a wide variety of projects to accelerate sustainable productivity growth for the transition to more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive food systems. This compendium highlights a number of these, as submitted by Coalition members. The SPG Coalition provides this compendium to share best practices and lessons learned. It is our hope that the diversity of projects included here will help inspire action by governments, researchers, NGOs, and the private sector around the world.

Recent SPG Coalition Events

  • Every Farmer, Every Tool Increasing & Sustaining Access to Proven Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture Productivity Growth Every Farmer, Every Tool, unpacked the policy, socioeconomic, market, and innovation dimensions that impact farmers’ access to and adoption of appropriate, proven tools for sustainably improving agricultural productivity. The event also highlighted, through SPG Coalition member case studies, the critical role that sustainable productivity growth plays in food systems transformation and advancing climate goals as we prepare for COP28.
  • Multi-stakeholder Action for Scaling Soil Health Globally for Food Security Now and in the Future This webinar, a virtual side event at the 2023 Borlaug International Dialogue, was co-hosted by the SPG Coalition and the Coalition for Soil Health. It aimed to raise awareness of the critical role of soil health for agricultural productivity growth, food and nutrition security, biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and ecosystem restoration, and to galvanize collaboration to foster an enabling environment for scaling healthy soil, globally.
  • Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Growth: COP27 and Beyond (November 2, 2022) This webinar, hosted by the SPG Coalition in the leadup to COP27, focused on the critical role of agricultural productivity growth for feeding the world now and into the future while simultaneously reducing GHG emissions from agricultural production. (Two-page synopsis of the webinar (PDF, 261 KB))
  • Accelerating Agricultural Productivity Growth for a Sustainable, Resilient World (October 4, 2022): This global conference started with the release of the 2022 Global Agricultural Productivity Report, which found that global agricultural productivity growth is in steep decline and that agricultural productivity must increase from the current low of 1.12 percent to 1.73 percent per year to feed the world in 2050. Nine SPG Coalition members then highlighted initiatives they are undertaking to increase sustainable productivity growth for food security and resource conservation.
  • Members’ Seminar Series on Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learned (April 26, 2022): The first seminar in the series included presentations by Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Chief Scientist, UN Food and Agriculture Organization; Mr. Craig Hanson, Vice President (Food, Forests, Water & the Ocean), World Resources Institute; and Mr. Matthew Worrell, Agriculture Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Australia in Washington, DC.
  • Innovation Showcase at USDA’s Agricultural Outlook Forum (February 25, 2022): This fast-paced event focused on innovative and creative solutions to help farmers and food systems keep pace with evolving needs and challenges, enhancing the health of the planet and the wellbeing of current and future generations. The event showcased a number of SPG Coalition members’ projects.
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