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Tips for Employees in a Hybrid Work Environment

As USDA prepares for a post pandemic workforce, ensuring employees have adequate information and tools needed to integrate into a hybrid work environment is pivotal to success. To provide employees with some of the best ways to navigate the future of work, we researched information from various federal agencies and industry to develop a list of helpful tips to help employees thrive in a changing environment.

Health and Safety
  • Ensure you have any applicable PPE while in the physical workplace
  • Be cognizant of health and safety rules in your building, local area, and state
  • Pay attention to health experts and latest CDC developments
  • Keep your work area clean and use hand sanitizers
Office and Policy
  • Ensure you know your telework and remote work requirements
  • Discuss any concerns for office/policy changes with your supervisor
  • Notify your supervisor if you need new software/hardware and/or upgrades
Change Management
  • Plan to embrace change
  • For employees transitioning back to physical workplace, find ways to motivate yourself and adjust to being around colleagues again
  • Maintain a positive outlook and practice self-care to ease anxieties
  • Remember EAP services are available if needed
OPM Performance Management Tips

Many workplaces are transitioning to a hybrid environment (in-office, remote, telework). Here are some tips from OPM for driving high levels of performance and engagement.

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Refer to the USDA Future of Work Toolkit for further resources and information.