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Stories of the People’s Gardens

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Stories of the People’s Gardens

Fridays on the Farm: Growing Hope with Gardens

Jonathan Groveman, NRCS, California | May 19, 2023

City Slicker Farms


Area 2 Farms: Growing Farms Near You

FPAC Strategic Communications | November 28, 2023

A man working with plants in a container


Joppy Momma’s Farm People’s Garden, Dallas, TX

Dee Ann Littlefield, USDA-NRCS, Texas | November 22, 2023

Kim High at her garden


Farewell and Thanks to Jorge, Our Headquarters Peoples Gardener

FPAC Strategic Communications | Oct 26, 2023

Jorge holding seed trays with Christie Vilsack, Master Gardener and wife of USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack


Happy Compromise Farm: Nourishing Their Community, Body and Soul

FPAC Strategic Communications | Oct 17, 2023

Eryn Leavens and Oliver Gawlick with boxes of fresh produce provided free to their neighbors and community



Minnesota's Project Sweetie Pie (video)

Minnesota NRCS | May 9, 2023

People working in a garden



Want to Compost in Your Garden Bed? Let the Worms Do It! | USDA

Jorge Penso, Natural Resources Conservation Service | April 13, 2023

Volunteers in the People’s Garden









Welcome to the People’s Garden | USDA

David Kidwell-Slak, Plant Materials Center Manager, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service | August 03, 2022

People working at the USDA People's Garden

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