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People’s Garden Webinars

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Learn from experts from USDA and beyond who will share planting tips and resources that benefit community gardens. We’ll also share on-the-ground stories of gardens making a difference by growing fresh, nutritious food for their communities.

April 26, 2023, 3pm ET: Celebrating National Garden Month

People’s Garden Webinar: Celebrating National Garden Month

  • 0:00 Brian Guse: Opening Remarks
  • 3:14 Christie Vilsack: Welcome
  • 6:11 Rose Hayden-Smith: Cultivating Possibility
  • 19:16 Lincoln County School District Farm to School
  • 31:51 Codman Academy Farm to School
  • 49:34 Jen Katchmark: Closing Remarks

The inaugural People’s Garden webinar kicks off National Garden Month! We will have a special message from master gardener and wife of USDA Secretary Mrs. Christie Vilsack. We’ll also learn about our country’s rich gardening history and feature stories from the Food and Nutrition Service Farm and School grantees.

May 24, 2023, 3pm ET: Composting Awareness

Learn about the many benefits of creating and using compost, from diverting food from the landfill to improving your garden soil. Register at the following link: People’s Garden Webinar: Composting Awareness

June 2023: Pollinator Month

Learn about a garden’s most necessary guests -- the pollinators!

July 2023: Gardens Unifying Cultures and Communities

Explore the links between culture and gardening and see how communities come together through gardening.

August 2023: Climate-Smart Agriculture

See examples of how gardens across the country thrive in challenging environmental conditions and learn how to manage unwanted species in our gardens.

September 2023: Back to School

Learn about how the Food and Nutrition Service supports schools to provide healthy, nutritious lunches for students.

October 2023: Making the Most of the Harvest

Get tips about preserving produce and honoring autumnal traditions.

November 2023: Connecting Our Gardening Communities

Learn about how the 17 hubs for the People’s Garden and urban agriculture are making differences in their communities by providing access to nutritious foods grown locally.

December 2023: Reclaiming Brown Spaces with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Learn the best practices for growing food safely in former vacant lots. We will be joined by special guests from the EPA.