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This guide covers proper use of the logo and lockup, which depend on the type of material that is being produced. When used appropriately, the USDA logo will give consistent identity to the Department, increase public recognition of the value and wide range of USDA's products and services, and bring economy of scale to the production of visual information materials.


The USDA logo was created and approved for use in 1995. It is the official and sole identifying mark for the Department, its mission areas, and all agency programs. The logo is the single, most visible asset of our organization. The simple design positions USDA as a modern organization rooted in tradition but focused on the future of agriculture. The USDA logo is a key element of our brand identity. It immediately identifies USDA to the world, making it one of our most valuable organizational assets.

Review the Departmental Regulation (PDF, 150 KB)

USDA Logo  The USDA Logo

The USDA logo is a graphic representation of the land - the foundation of all agriculture - and the Department's initials. The logo colors - dark green and dark blue - represent the essential elements of earth, air, and water. Together, these elements comprise the logo. The elements of the logo are not to be broken apart and used as individual graphics.

Download logo and lockup files (ZIP, 2.2 MB)
Updated March 28, 2022

USDA Official Seal  The Official Seal

The official seal of the United States Department of Agriculture has been relegated for use on legal materials in the Office of the Secretary, USDA agencies, and for other functions as may be determined by the Office of Communications.

Email to request to use the official seal.

New Signature Lockup

USDA website lockup

Source Sans Pro, upper case, flush left, abbreviated.


USDA website lockup centered

Source Sans Pro, upper case, centered, abbreviated.

Download logo and lockup files (ZIP, 2.2 MB)
Updated March 28, 2022

New Subidentity Signature Lockup

USDA sub-identity website lockup

Source Sans Pro, lower case for sub-identity, upper case for Department name, flush left, abbreviated.

The use of agency and staff logos in signature lockups is being phased out and replaced with a signature model that features only the USDA logo.

The new signature (subidentity) lockup requires that the Department title be below the Agency title, and directly to the right of the USDA logo. The USDA logo and signature lockup should be at the top left corner of all USDA websites. The USDA logo should link back to

Download subidentity lockup files (ZIP, 26.7 MB)

Initiative Theme Art can consist of typographic design and simple graphics and must contain the USDA Symbol as a leading element.

Theme art must first be approved through your agency/mission area public affairs and/or brand manager. Final approval will be determined by the Office of Communications.

Acceptable Variations

Acceptable variations of USDA theme art

Unacceptable Variations

Do not use USDA as an acronym, nor as an overall defined confining shape.

Unacceptable variations of USDA theme art

Placement with Non-Federal and Federal Organizations

When used in conjunction with logos of other public and/or private-sector partners, the logo should be given equal placement and may be displayed without the Department name.

If the organizations are a mix of Federal and non-Federal, the lead Federal agency logo should appear first with the remaining logos ordered as dictated by the situation.

If all of the logos represent Federal organizations, the logos should be placed in alphabetical order.

Federal agency placement example

If the White House is a participating organization, the White House logo should be given the dominant position.

Non-Federal agency placement example

Clear Space

As the primary logo of our organization, the USDA logo should stand out from other graphic elements. The logo should always be surrounded with a minimum area of clear space equal to the width of the USDA's letter "A".

USDA logo clear space


1 by .685

USDA logo proportions

Position on Information Products

The USDA logo is designated for display on all information products of the Department. To ensure maximum visibility, the preferred position of the logo on most information products is the top left corner.

USDA lockup position examples

Position on Social Media Products

When used on social media products, you may use the logo alone. Refer to the section on clear space for guidance on how close to the edge or near other elements you may place the logo. For information on social media use, refer to the social media guidance.

Exception: The top left corner is the preferred placement of the logo for maximum visibility. However, if there isn't enough contrast or copy space, the logo can be placed at the left, right or middle of the top or bottom of the design.

USDA lockup on social media graphics examples

Signature Iso-Bar

Use the signature Iso-Bar on all visual communications, physical media and products to provide a clean, consistent background area and position for the Signature Lockup. All acceptable versions of the Signature Lockup can be used within the Iso-Bar. No images, gradations, or other graphics can appear within the Iso-Bar. All other types of visual elements, images, and content can fall below the Iso-Bar.

The Iso-Bar should be 8% or more of the media height, with a minimum of .75". Acceptable variations include white background, color background or a rule line.

Print media includes electronic as well as traditional hard-copy products. All print, PDFs, publications, multimedia, exhibits, name badges, tent cards, and public service announcements should use the Signature Iso-Bar.

USDA lockup on isobar examples

Print, Publication, and PDF Covers

Use the Signature Iso-Bar on all communication print materials and publications and pdf covers.

USDA lockup on a PDF

Public Service Announcements

Exception: On public service announcements, the Signature Lockup can be placed near the closing statement or the bottom of the page.

USDA lockup on a PSA item


Use the Signature Iso-Bar on all communication exhibits and banners up to 8' x10'.

Exception: On exhibits or banners wider than 10', the Signature Iso-Bar no longer applies. Place the Signature Lockup near the top right side of the display.

USDA lockup on an exhibit


Use the Signature Iso-Bar on all multimedia content, interfaces, applications (apps), labeling, and packaging.

USDA lockup on a disc

Do not...

Do not distort, stretch, or skew the logo.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not alter the colors of the logo.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not apply special effects (bevel, emboss, glow, shadow, etc.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not introduce text or graphics into the logo.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not use any part of the logo as a graphic element.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not isolate the logo in a box frame or box shape.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not distort in perspective.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Do not apply any 3-D or shadow effects.

Incorrect use of USDA Logo

Highly Visible

Do not place the USDA logo on low-contrast background colors. Background colors must have a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for the logo to remain highly visible. This color contrast tool is a useful resource for testing the compliance of any color combination.