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The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program is a partnership between USDA and the 1890 historically black land-grant colleges and universities (PDF, 1.2 MB). The program provides full tuition, fees, books, room and board to students pursuing degrees in agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, or related academic disciplines. When the student has completed the academic and summer work requirements of the scholarship, USDA may at its discretion convert the student to a permanent employee without further competition.

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The USDA 1994 Tribal Scholars Program seeks to increase the number of American Indian and Alaska Native students studying agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, and related disciplines.

The USDA 1994 Tribal Scholars Program combines classroom study with paid work experience that leads to employment at USDA. Through this program, USDA seeks to boost the number of students studying and graduating in food, agriculture, natural resources, and other related fields of study, and help build the pipeline of future agricultural scientists and professionals. The program also strengthens USDA partnerships with 1994 land-grant institutions.

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The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is investing in the future by creating a path for outstanding students, particularly those from minority groups historically under-represented at USDA, to pursue careers in the USDA Foreign Service.

The FAS Diversity Fellowship Program, administered in partnership with Howard University, provides funding and support for selected students to receive master’s degrees in Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics from the accredited U.S. university of their choice. Fellows will participate in domestic and overseas internships with FAS, will be offered extensive mentoring and professional development opportunities, and, upon successful completion of the program, will become part of the FAS Foreign Service corps.

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The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is the agency responsible for protecting the public's health by ensuring the safety of the Nation's commercial supply of meat, poultry, and processed egg products.

The FSIS Adel A. Malak Scholarship operates under the guidelines of the USDA Pathways Program. The scholarship provides students enrolled in a degree-seeking Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program a $15,000 scholarship funding for tuition, books, tutors, and laboratory fees awarded for each year in the program. As an Adel A. Malak Scholarship recipient, DVM students will experience and take on a variety of Public Health Veterinarian responsibilities to more fully understand the great work FSIS does to protect public health through food safety.

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