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Tribal Resources

The USDA Tribal Youth Guide seeks to help Native youth learn about some of the USDA programs and resources that are available to them. Native youth and organizations working with them are welcome to contact the USDA Office of Tribal Relations for more information on any of these tools. An overview of USDA resources is also available in the USDA Tribal Resource Guide posted on the Office of Tribal Relations website.

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This guide was developed to provide tribal leaders and tribal citizens, 1994 Land-Grant Tribal Colleges and Universities, AI/AN businesses, and non-governmental organizations serving AI/AN communities with a tool for navigating USDA resources. tool for navigating USDA resources. The USDA programs and services available to members of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes are described in the following pages. This guide provides readers with a comprehensive summary of USDA Programs, separated into four categories:

  1. Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Traditional Foods
  2. Business and Community Development
  3. Conservation and Forestry
  4. Research, Extension, and Outreach

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This is an employment program that offers a combination of work experience and academic study leading to career positions within USDA. The program is designed to integrate classroom study with paid work experience. The program is conducted in accordance with a planned schedule and a working agreement between USDA agencies, student, and the 1994 Tribal Colleges and Universities.

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This two-week summer outreach program helps students ages 14 to 17 explore careers in plant and animal science, wildlife management, and agribusiness within and outside the environs of a tribal community. Participating students live on a college campus and learn about agriculture from university professors, scientists, and administrative professionals who work for the U.S. Government in a variety of fields. They also participate in character- and team-building activities, and a variety of workshops.

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FALCON is a nonprofit, professional association, sanctioned by motion of the AIHEC Board of Directors, that represents administrators, faculty and staff at 1994 Land-Grant Institutions (Tribal Colleges and Universities). The FALCON portal shares information, fosters partnerships, promotes professional development and serves as a resource center for its members.

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