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Employee Services

USDA Employee Information pages provide easy access to our employees and our interns. We strive to get information to their fingertips in the quickest, easiest possible way.

Shuttles and other government vehicles are available for use in performing your official responsibilities. Except for a very few senior USDA officials, government transportation may not be used to travel to work from home, or from home to work, and that includes government sponsored shuttle services. There are two shuttle systems in the DC area. These links will take you to the information about these systems:

  • Beltsville Shuttle
  • Food and Nutrition Service Shuttle (PDF, 142 KB): In addition to the Beltsville shuttle, the Food and Nutrition Service runs a shuttle between USDA offices at Park Center, HQ (South/Whitten), Portals, 9th Street, School St, Reporters, and Aerospace. Once you start at USDA, you can obtain a copy of the FNS shuttle by FNS Logistics office at 703-305-2220.

Here are basic dialing instructions for your phone:

  • To call within USDA in the DC area, dial the 7 digit phone number.
  • To make a local call, outside USDA, dial 9, then the area code and phone number.
  • To make a long distance call, dial 9, then 1, then the area code and phone number.
  • Employees may not make personal long distance calls. If you need to make a personal long distance call, please be sure to use a personal calling card or your cell phone.