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Office of Customer Experience (OCX)

Empower, enable, and engage USDA customers and employees in a human-centered approach to innovation in order to deliver consistent exceptional service to customers.

Simchah SuveykeBogin

Simchah Suveyke-Bogin

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Office of Customer Experience

Simchah Suveyke-Bogin joined USDA in May of 2020 as Chief Customer Experience Officer for the Office of Customer Experience. Armed with experience leading the Customer Experience Center of Excellence of the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Services, Ms. Suveyke-Bogin previously helped implement user-centered practices and innovative solutions across the Government. More importantly, she helped spearhead changes that are still in place across USDA today. More...


Tamieca Hamlin

Deputy Chief Customer Experience Officer, Office of Customer Experience

Tamieca Hamlin became the Deputy Chief Customer Experience Officer in the Office of Customer Experience in April 2022. Prior to being promoted to this position, Ms. Hamlin served as a Sr. Customer Experience Strategist where she led efforts to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of operating programs and functional activities in USDA and developed and implemented strategies, procedures, and practices to improve the customer experience and transform USDA to respond to the continuously evolving customer needs. More...

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Customer experience (CX) in the Federal Government is more important than ever as expectations have drastically changed and raised the bar for customer service standards.

With that in mind, the Office of Customer Experience (OCX) works to address complex challenges across programs and services that may impact the experiences of our customers and employees. Through various forms of research methodologies and insights, OCX creates actionable solutions that improve the USDA customer experience by identifying and meeting the core human needs at the heart of every interaction.

The need for improved customer experience in government is both mandated by policy as well as the need to provide customers with efficient and effective services. A good customer experience will increase trust in government, likelihood to use products and services, and improve services at decreased costs.


    OCX meetings

    OCX is proud to offer the following services, which encompass what it will take to move USDA toward more customer-focused operations and create an environment where critical decision making by leadership is driven by insights of our customers and employees.

    • AskUSDA Contact Center: The AskUSDA Contact Center is an initiative working to ensure there’s no wrong door for customers to get answers and information from USDA. Customers will be able to access a Contact Center representative via various channels and feedback from those interactions will be leveraged for further enhancements.
    • Strategy and Design Services: This initiative partners up with Mission Areas on different projects with the goal of gaining valuable customer insights. Projects focus on interviewing customers about their experiences with USDA and using their insights and feedback to shape the design of new products and services.
    • Customer Measurement and Improvement: Leveraging digital surveys that collect real-time actionable feedback from our customers, we are focused on instituting and tracking experiences across the Department that will empower USDA leaders to make data-driven decisions.


      Recent initiatives and projects led by the Office of Customer Experience.

      USDA Telework Survey

      In March 2021, Secretary Tom Vilsack pledged to look at workplace flexibilities across the board. To re-envision USDA’s workplace into one informed by our values of trust, respect, equity, inclusion, and service, the Office of Customer Experience engaged with a diverse group – employees, supervisors, senior leadership, labor unions, and advisory groups – to design and launch a survey that carefully considers the needs and unique perspectives of employees.

      Results of the Telework Survey are available here (PDF, 14.8 MB). The report highlights key areas we must focus on to improve our efficiency, culture, and morale.


        OCX meetings

        These recently released policies enacted across the Federal government fundamentally support the need for developing an organized approach to improving CX at USDA.




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