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AgPay XPress

The USDA has partnered with US Bank to provide vendors who do business with USDA agencies an automated Accounts Payable Solution called AgPay XPress, which is a service available under GSA SmartPay3. The service provides USDA vendors an optional payment solution that is designed to provide fast, secure payments while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

By adding this new service, the USDA is taking a proactive approach to make paying invoices an easier and secure process for both USDA vendors and the Department itself.

The purpose of the AgPay XPress website is to provide information about the service, its key benefits, the enrollment process, and other related information.

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AgPay XPress Benefits

Key benefits our vendors will receive from AgPay XPress:

  1. Delivers secure automated payments to vendors.
  2. Provides expedited payments allowing for improved cash flow.
  3. Creates a streamlined process that reduces internal processing and transaction costs.

How AgPay XPress Differs From Other Payment Options

Virtual payments replace traditional plastic cards and paper checks with single-use electronic account numbers that are assigned to a specific payment. Payments are processed only after the invoice has been approved, providing enhanced control over payment timing.

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More Information

For more information on the service, interested vendors can send an email to the official AgPay XPress email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do vendors benefit from this program?

Vendors can enjoy significant, tangible savings from accepting automated charge card payments from USDA agencies. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vendors can reduce internal processing and transaction costs by eliminating paper-based processes, including check processing and associated reconciliation efforts.
  • Participating vendors will receive payments sooner than they would with other processes such as checks by eliminating delays associated with paper-based solutions.
  • Participating vendors will receive payments sooner than they would with ACH payments.
Is AgPay XPress a required payment method?

While the AgPay XPress program offers many benefits to the USDA and vendors it is NOT a required payment method. The USDA offers other payment methods, such as ACH.

Can vendors continue to receive payments by ACH?

While the USDA’s goal is to expand the AgPay XPress as much as possible, ACH payments will continue to be available. No further action is required to continue to receive ACH payments.

Are there fees associated with receiving charge card payments?

Standard processing fees administered by a vendor’s merchant acquiring bank will apply.

Does virtual payment change the USDA’s current purchasing and payment processes?

While the AgPay XPress process allows both vendors and the USDA to streamline operations, current processes for orders and invoices remain the same. The only change is to the invoice payment process. With the AgPay XPress payment process, vendors who sign up with US Bank will receive a payment link for each invoice.

What is the process for being paid by the AgPay XPress program?

The vendor will receive an automated email notification for each payment and a link. Once the link has been clicked the payment will be processed within 1-3 days enforcing standard merchant fees.

How does a vendor join the AgPay XPress program?

Vendors may join the AgPay XPress program by completing the AgPay XPress program enrollment form provided by US Bank. For more information contact us at