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Travel Express

Welcome to the USDA Travel Express website, the Department’s resource guide for travelers, approving officials, and travel administrators. Its purpose is to help you locate the information you need quickly and easily, based on your role in traveling or managing travel.

Travelers and Travel Preparers

Travelers and preparers now have at their fingertips access to the latest travel training materials, the ConcurGov Quick Reference Guides, travel resources, and USDA travel charge card information for domestic and foreign travel.

Federal Agency Travel Administrators

The Travel Training provides Federal Agency Travel Administrators with the resources they need to effectively support their travelers, as well as administer the USDA travel system.

Approving Officials

Approving Officials can obtain guidance to help ensure that they meet their responsibilities for reviewing and approving travel authorizations and vouchers and comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the Federal Travel Regulations and USDA travel policy.


The ConcurGov works the way your agency works - adapting to your workflow and detailed travel policies. With ConcurGov, government travelers and managers can easily create, review, approve and process travel authorizations and vouchers. ConcurGov provides accurate entitlements, fast reimbursement, increased control and completed visibility into travel spending processes. ConcurGov's detailed reports give visibility into how employees spend money.

You may also visit the USDA CGE Travel Training Site for quick help guides. You can also access ConcurGov Training from the ConcurGov Homepage under Resources once you log into the system.