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Working with 4-H Youth to Build Welcoming and Inclusive Schools and Communities

As part of our commitment to the National Strategies to Counter Antisemitism, Islamophobia and Related Forms of Hatred and Bias, USDA is proud to work with 4-H youth to educate and empower them to build welcoming and inclusive schools and communities. Below are resources to help build awareness and education about countering antisemitism, Islamophobia and related forms of hatred and bias.



USDA is happy to help bring resources to your club, school or campus. Whether that is a training, a guest speaker or an exhibition, we will find the right fit for your goals. Please reach out to to discuss how we can help!

Below are two examples of travelling exhibits that could visit your school or community:

  • Shadowlight – a replica of a railcar that was used during the holocaust to transport Jews and other people to concentration camps during WWII. This immersive museum has a 360 multimedia display that depicts how hate and bias led to such atrocity.
  • Wall of Tears is a project to bring awareness of the people that were affected by the holocaust where they came from and the communities that perished due to the hatred that was framed on the Jewish People of Europe.