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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights


USDA Press Release on the appointment of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Devon Westhill


American Diversity Month

American Diversity Month Program Booklet (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Below are the links to all of the American Diversity Month 2020 events:

Date Time Course
Short Name
Course Full Name Course Links


10:00 AM

CR-ADM-OPENING Opening Ceremony – ADM 2020 Register


10:00 AM

CR-ADM-MINORITY Minority Contributions in Agriculture Register


1:00 PM

CR-ADM-MENTORING Speed Mentoring Register


10:00 AM

CR-ADM-BIAS Unconscious Bias Register


2:00 PM

CR-ADM-FirstGen First Generation Professionals Symposium Register


1:00 PM

CR-ADM-NextGen Next Generation Symposium Register


10:00 AM

CR-ADM-CLOSING Closing Ceremony – ADM 2020 Register

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