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Qualification Requirements

USDA operates the following qualification requirements on competitions for certain goods and services. All such qualification requirements envisioned under Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 9.2 will be posted here with links, Internet links or contact information such as telephone number or address, to the information defining and supporting the qualification requirement.

Qualification requirements are organized by USDA agency. Qualification requirements not posted here may not be enforced.

AMS Commodity Qualification Requirements

Forest Service Qualification Requirements

  • This list does not constitute endorsement of the product, manufacturer, or other source by the Government;
  • The products or sources listed have been qualified under the latest applicable specifications;
  • The list may be amended without notice;
  • The listing of a product or source does not release the supplier from compliance with the specifications; and
  • Use of the list for advertising or publicity is permitted. However, it must not be stated or implied that a particular product or source is the only product or source of that type qualified, or that the Government in any way recommends or endorses the products or services.