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Mail and Reproduction Management Division

The Mail and Reproduction Management Division (MRMD) is responsible for managing and directing programs through Mail and Reproduction Services (MRS), for analysis, development, evaluation, and promotion of improvements in the policies, plans, methods, procedures, and systems of the USDA Mail Management Program, Departmental Mailing List System, and Copier/Duplicating Operations. MRS has responsibility for directing centralized printing and copier/duplicating systems, automated systems providing mailing list services, divisional ADP support, and a staff support system in the areas of divisional financial management, program analysis, and administration.

MRS has established excellent mail management and print on-demand programs through the implementation of the latest technology and has achieved cost savings through postal discount programs and centralized services. MRS is responsible for the management and accountability of USDA's nationwide $60 million postage budget and implementing the recommendations of the National Performance Review Mail Management Initiative, authored by MRS’s Departmental Mail Manager.

This website is intended to improve service and communication between MRMD and its customers.

USDA Mailer's Memo

Use of Proper Address Expedites Delivery!

A recent survey of incoming postal mail revealed that only 20 percent of our correspondents are properly addressing mail to USDA.

Incoming mail should include:

  • Name
  • STOP Code
  • 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
  • Washington, DC 20250 (your STOP Code)

Automated Sorting System

An automated sorting system was installed in the Central Mail Unit in March 1997. This equipment expedites the sorting of properly addressed mail. Mail that can be read by the machine, those pieces containing STOP Codes, are processed first.

Please notify all correspondents of your "new" address.

To find the STOP Code for your office or that of other USDA agencies/offices, visit the Find Current Mail Stop Codes for USDA Headquarters page.

Printed copies of the USDA STOP Code Directory are available. Please contact Michele Lambert at 202-690-3004.