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About ezFedGrants

ezFedGrants (eFG) is the USDA solution that will let you apply for and manage USDA grants and agreements online. It’s USDA’s OMB Circular A-123 system of record for processing Federal financial assistance transactions. It provides significant efficiencies to all users managing grant and agreement portfolios.

ezFedGrants also supports USDA’s mission and helps to ensure compliance, with federal accounting, and grant related requirements.

The ezFedGrants web portal is an interface for the public to apply for non-competitive funding opportunities, and manage competitive, and non–competitive grants and agreements, amendments, reports, and invoices.

ezFedGrants is part of USDA’s Financial Shared Service offering. It is fully integrated with the SAP core accounting system, and can interface with other federal accounting systems.

Contact Information

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  • Provides a robust self-service portal with 24/7 access to agreement records
  • Allows applicants to conveniently search and apply online for non-competitive funding opportunities, such as cooperative and cost-reimbursable agreements
  • Interfaces with to bring in competitive grant applications
  • Enhances visibility of award details for the customers
  • Integrates the award record with your organization’s Treasury’s ASAP account
  • Increases efficiency, speed, and visibility for SF 270 and ASAP invoice payments
  • Standardizes business processes across grant management agencies and programs
  • Increases compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements