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Cybersecurity and Privacy Operations Center (CPOC)

About Us

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Operations Center (CPOC) serves and supports our Agencies and Offices by helping to protect their mission-critical assets and information, thereby securing our country’s diverse food, agriculture, rural and natural resources programs. The CPOC monitors and protects USDA’s systems by keeping abreast of new threats to both existing and new technologies and continually monitoring the USDA information technology enterprise to ensure USDA Agencies and Offices computing environments remain secure. The CPOC is fully committed to its mission—Protecting the Business of USDA.

The CPOC (formerly the Information Security Center, or ISC) was funded by Congress in 2009 to serve as a focal point for addressing cyber security incidents within all agencies, offices, branches and entities of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). CPOC leads the USDA Cybersecurity Program and ensures the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of the Department’s information and information resources. CPOC establishes, operates, and maintains Department-wide cybersecurity policies, capabilities, services, and support.

We focus as a service organization on delivering:

  • Comprehensive leadership in developing and implementing an enterprise-wide, trusted environment in support of all USDA components.
  • A framework for tracking, reporting, and responding to events in an efficient and timely manner.
  • A centralized threat awareness and security analytics capability.
  • Effective outreach, communications, and reporting capabilities.
  • An enhanced enterprise security posture with technical guidance, engineering and operational services.
  • An architecture of security related products and solutions.
  • A complete Assessment and Authorization (A&A) function via the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process for all systems.


Ja’Nelle L. DeVore, USDA CISO, Associate CIO, CPOC

Ja’Nelle L. DeVore
Associate CIO, CPOC

Barry Lipscombe, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, OCIO CPOC

Barry Lipscombe
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Cybersecurity Management

Ignatius Liberto, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Cybersecurity Operations, OCIO CPOC

Ignatius “Buck” Liberto
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Cybersecurity Operations

Contact Information

The Security Operations 24 Hour Hotline: or 866.905.6890

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