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System and Network Control Center

The Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC) System and Network Control Center (SNCC) monitors the performance and availability of DISC managed systems and networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The DISC SNCC performs:

photo of man standing next to a seated woman pointing to one of multiple computer monitors
  • System and network monitoring
  • 2nd Tier Systems Administration support
    • Mainframe Initial Program Loads (IPLs)
    • System Reboots
    • Hardware Resets
    • Hardware Support
    • Software Support
  • Production control functions
  • Facility monitoring and management
    • Power and Environmental Equipment Support and Incident Resolution
    • Data Center Security and Access Control
  • Tape management
    • Physical tape handling
    • Offsite tape rotation and retrieval
    • Coordination and deployment of media for disaster recovery
  • Data component disposal
  • 2nd Tier Incident and Problem Management support
  • Certification of hardware/software changes

When contacting the SNCC:

  • Be prepared to provide required information
    • Contact information
    • Relevant agency and system information
    • Information related to request
  • Provide appropriate authorization for service requests
  • Utilize optional email template

Contact the SNCC via the DISC Service Desk at:

Service Portal