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Departmental Administration Information Technology Office (DAITO)

Welcome to DAITO

Welcome to the Departmental Administration Information Technology Office (DAITO). DAITO, aligned under USDA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer office, provides stakeholders with services through facilitating and securing IT solutions that produce cost savings and align with the enterprise services, policy, and governance while delivering excellent customer service to our federal partners and agencies in a secure, trustworthy, and reliable way to achieve mission area success.

DAITO Organization Chart


The USDA has been operating without centralized oversight and management of IT services for Departmental Administration and Staff Offices (DASO) for an extended period of time. During the realignment of USDA IT Information 2210 Specialist series, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) created DAITO to provide the necessary oversight and guidance for IT requirements and needs within DASO.


Provide centrally managed, value-added IT solutions to the Departmental Administration and Staff Offices to meet the functionality, accessibility, and compliance requirements of governing bodies and end users.


Ensure consolidated, streamlined, and comprehensive IT offerings to allow the transformation of the Departmental Administration and Staff Offices focus to their core mission and values.


DAITO and its employees have a tradition of distinguished public service. Four core values guide us in accomplishing our mission: Accountability, Integrity, Customer-centric Focus, and Emotional Intelligence.

Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal #1: Investment Compliance

Improve investments’ organization, visibility, and cost transparency to achieve strategic alignment and increase cost savings.

Strategic Goal #2: Security Compliance

Ensure FISMA standards are met and improve security posture to safeguard USDA Information Technology.

Strategic Goal #3: Customer Satisfaction

Cultivate strong partnerships with federal and industry partners to provide trusted, routine IT services.

Strategic Goal #4: Service Delivery and Operations Support

Deploy cost-efficient and innovative IT solutions to support customers’ needs.

Cedric Bragg

Cedric Bragg - Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO)

"I look forward to leading our DAITO community in the achievement of our strategic goals and objectives. We will continue to transform our technology services to meet our customer's expectations, provide greatest value for our customers, and support continued growth and development of our IT workforce."
- Cedric Bragg

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