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OCIO Centers and Sub-Centers

Providing world-class leadership, strategic planning, and innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Information Security Center (ISC)

The Information Security Center (ISC) serves and supports our Agencies and Offices by helping to protect their mission-critical assets and information, thereby securing our country’s diverse food, agriculture, rural and natural resources programs. The ISC monitors and protects USDA’s systems by keeping abreast of new threats to both existing and new technologies and continually monitoring the USDA information technology enterprise to ensure USDA Agencies and Offices computing environments remain secure. The ISC is fully committed to its mission—Protecting the Business of USDA. The ISC (formerly the Agriculture Security Operations Center, or ASOC) was funded by Congress in 2009 to serve as a focal point for addressing cyber security incidents within all agencies, offices, branches and entities of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The ISC's mission is to increase the Department's awareness of cyber threats and vulnerabilities while enhancing readiness in preparing for and responding to attacks involving USDA’s computer systems and networks, as well as a complete Assessment and Authorization (A&A) via the risk management framework (RMF) process for all USDA systems. We bring cyber excellence to provide enterprise security capabilities and cyber leadership to secure the mission of USDA. We focus as a service organization on delivering: Comprehensive leadership in developing and implementing an enterprise-wide, trusted environment in support of all USDA components A framework for tracking, reporting, and responding to events in an efficient and timely manner A centralized threat awareness and security analytics capability Effective outreach, communications, and reporting capabilities An enhanced enterprise security posture with technical guidance, engineering and operational services An architecture of security related products and solutions A complete Assessment and Authorization (A&A) function via the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process for all systems

Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC)

Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC) is responsible for the management and operation of the Data Center Hosting Services (DCHS, formerly NITC) including the USDA Enterprise Data Centers in Kansas City, Missouri and Saint Louis, Missouri.

  • Enterprise Applications Services (EAS) provides a full spectrum of innovative business and professional services for developing, maintaining, and supporting enterprise-class business applications to federal and non-federal agencies. EAS is the number one choice for integrated enterprise applications, web services, custom desktop, mobile and geospatial applications, and security and compliance services across the federal government.

  • Enterprise Hosting Services The EHS is a federally owned Cloud services provider; offering agencies enterprise class infrastructure built from the ground up with market leading technologies. EHS continues to innovate with the introduction of new Cloud services and utilize “green” industry best practices as much as possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. DISC is a leader in the Federal community and is listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace as well as being FISMA compliant and DoD IL4 certified.

  • Enterprise Network Services (ENS) The mission of the OCIO’s Enterprise Network Services (ENS) directorate is to plan, implement, manage, and maintain USDA’s enterprise telecommunications program. ENS delivers streamlined, secure, and supportable products and services that are specifically tailored to customers’ requirements. The goal is to build key partnerships and deliver state-of-the-art, innovative technology solutions that directly enable the USDA mission. ENS a catalyst for change.

Enterprise Geospatial Management Office (EGMO) 

The EGMO provides enterprise-level leadership to align geospatial strategic planning, policy, tactical implementation, and operational capability with USDA’s mission requirements and performance goals.

Client Experience Center (CEC) 

Client Experience Center (CEC), formerly Client Technology Services (CTS), is a federal government information-technology service provider that uses a business model to support the comprehensive IT requirements of federal business. CEC provides comprehensive information technology, associated operations, security and technical-support services to a customer base of more than 45,000 USDA end users located in more than 3,400 field, state, and headquarters offices across the U.S. and its territories, which includes: Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Pacific Basin. We support our customers with teams that leverage expertise from all our divisions and locations throughout the country. We work for USDA agencies using CEC services to deliver billions of dollars of programs, services, and financial transactions to millions of farmers, ranchers, and citizens of rural America. Other customers include Departmental offices that support USDA operations. Our products and services cover: End-user services Business application services Communications services Integrated services

Information Resource Management Center (IRMC) 

In support of USDA strategic missions, Information Resource Management Center (IRMC) - Office of the Associate Chief Information Officer is the functional authority on IT capital planning and investment control, IT governance, and business process re-engineering.