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1890 Land-Grant Institutions National Program

The 1890 Land-Grant Institutions National Program delivers high quality agricultural research, education, and extension programs and produces skilled graduates in agricultural sciences. We partner with the 19 historically black universities that were established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890. Today there are 19 1890 land-grant universities across the United States. These institutions strengthen research, extension and teaching in the food and agricultural sciences, and attract more students into careers in agriculture, food, natural resources, and human sciences.

The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program

The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program seeks to increase the number of minorities studying agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, and related disciplines.

The program provides full tuition, employment, employee benefits, fees, books, and room and board each year for up to 4 years to selected students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, food science, natural resource science, or a related academic discipline at one of 19 designated 1890s land-grant universities and Tuskegee University. The scholarship may be renewed each year, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and normal progress toward the bachelor’s degree.

Scholars accepted into the program will be eligible for noncompetitive conversion to a permanent appointment with USDA upon successful completion of their degree requirements by the end of the agreement period. (5 CFR 213.3202) (Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 - Section 12519)

If selected, scholars must commit to at least one year of service to USDA for each year of financial assistance provided. The details of this requirement will be outlined in the service agreement for the scholar, their university, and the USDA sponsoring agency.

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