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Specialty Crops Resources

USDA offers a variety of programs and services to support specialty crops businesses of all sizes and across the supply chain. This webpage is a resource hub for specialty crops producers, handlers, processors, retailers and international traders to find the help when they need.

Specialty Crops Competitiveness Initiative

In November 2023, USDA announced it is initiating a new effort to support the U.S. specialty crops industry. The initiative aims to increase the competitiveness of specialty crops products in foreign markets, enhance domestic marketing, and improve production and processing practices.

As part of the initiative, USDA is seeking feedback from the specialty crops industry. In addition to direct industry outreach, USDA has published a Request for Information to receive comments from industry stakeholders.

Specialty Crops Resource Directory

This directory contains a comprehensive list of all the available resources (PDF, 1.6 MB) USDA offers for specialty crops businesses. Each program or service is listed to show whether it supports specialty crops producers, handlers, processors, retail businesses, or trade efforts.