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Conference Training Templates

The following templates are necessary for the agency subdivision users and agency conference POCs to complete. These templates must be submitted and approved via the USDA Conference Management System (AgCMS) in compliance with the approval levels listed in published guidance.

  • Conference Request Deputy Secretary Memorandum (DOC, 57 KB)

    For the events exceeding $450,000, the event was pre-approved, and there is a substantial increase in the estimated expenses (= or > 25%), and the event was not included on the approved plan. The actual request must include a completed memorandum. Ensure the necessary signatures, whether electronic or actual, are included. Identify your mission area (where indicated) and whether you are attending, hosting, or sponsoring the event.

  • Conference and Training Security Assessment Guide (PDF, 638 KB)

    The USDA Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), in coordination with the USDA Office of Homeland Security (OHS), created this guide as an easy-to-use tool to assist Mission Areas, Agencies, Staff Offices, and organizations with security consideration for the planning and execution of their conference and training events; therefore, a security assessment and corresponding risk mitigation plan will be included as part of the OCFO Conference and Training Approval Package for all USDA Sponsored Conference and Training Events.

The following templates are for users that do not have access to the AgCMS system. The users need to complete the templates and submit them to the agency conference POCs. The agency conference POCs will combine and submit the events in the AgCMS system.

  • Annual Conference Planning Template (XLSX, 93.6 KB)

    Each year planned events must be entered into AgCMS by the Agency Point of Contact (POC) by August 31 each year, and validated/approved by the SATO, Agency Head and Agency Under Secretary. The Annual Plan must include a list of all conferences, training, and mission (operational) events that an Agency plans to participate in (host, sponsor, or attend) where estimated costs are >$20,000, excluding employee salary and benefits.

  • Conference Host or Sponsor fillable request template (PDF, 975 KB)

    This fillable document should be completed if your agency’s participation includes hosting and/or sponsoring and attending the event. If your participation is limited to just “attendance” at an event, use the Conference Attendance Request Template. This sheet is in AgCMS also.

  • Conference Attendance fillable Approval Template (PDF, 1.0 MB)

    This fillable document should be complete if your agency’s participation is limited to “attending” an event. If your participation includes hosting and/or sponsoring an event, use the Host or Sponsor Conference Request Template. This sheet is in AgCMS also.

  • Location Cost Worksheets (XLSX, 29.6 KB)

    This workbook includes a spreadsheet for “attendance” participation and one for “host or sponsor” participation; complete the spreadsheet that corresponds to your agency’s participation for the event. This sheet is in AgCMS also.

  • Attendee Detailed Cost Analysis Spreadsheet (XLSX, 88.9 KB)

    This spreadsheet should be completed whether participation is “attendance”, “hosting”, or “sponsoring”. If your agency participation is ‘attendance’, you should complete one location spreadsheet; if your agency participation is hosting and/or sponsoring, you will need to complete three location worksheets. This sheet is in AgCMS also.