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Financial Policy and Planning

The Associate Chief Financial Officer for Financial Policy and Planning (ACFO-FPP) directs the development and implementation of financial policy and planning for the Department. These functions include developing a consolidated strategic plan; streamlining and enhancing reporting and monitoring processes to ensure accountability; and establishing travel, cash management, and other applicable fiscal and financial management policies. The ACFO-FPP also directs the management of the Department's Working Capital Fund. Additionally, the ACFO-FPP is responsible for formulating, presenting, analyzing, and executing the administrative budget for the Office of the Secretary, the offices of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and other General Officers of the Department.

OCFO Financial Policy and Planning includes functions to:

  • Establish Department and approve component agency programs, policies, standards, systems, techniques and procedures to improve the management and operational efficiency and effectiveness of the USDA.
  • Develop, promulgate, and coordinate Department-wide policy concerning audit, debt, cash, improper payments, and travel management.
  • Provide budget, accounting, fiscal, and related financial management services, with authority to take action required by law or regulation to provide such services for the Secretary of Agriculture, general officers, and offices and agencies reporting to the Assistant Secretary for Administration.
  • Establish policies related to the Department Working Capital Fund.
  • Develop Departmental financial management budgets, including the oversight and recommendation of approval of component agency financial management budgets.
  • Establish Departmental policies, standards, techniques, and procedures applicable to all USDA agencies for the following areas:
    • Development, maintenance, review and approval of all departmental, and review and approval of component agency, internal control, fiscal, financial management and accounting systems including the financial aspects of payment management and property systems.
    • Review and approval of Federal assistance, internal control, fiscal, accounting and financial management regulations and instructions proposed or issued by USDA agencies for conformity with Departmental requirements.